Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tough Love {Cruel to be Kind?}

When you love somebody and bite your tongue all you get is a mouthful of blood

"When U Love Somebody" - By Fruit Bat


Going Up For Fake

Too many people these days think that how they look is who they are, it's more a representative snapshot of current innovations, which are continually changing and evolving... unless you are comfortable enough to not give a shit, either cos your way too cool or way too uncool. No but seriously it's just clothes and shit FFS.

But glad you're making an effort.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Unintended Subtext and Over use of Irony

Internet: (that includes you twitter)
Can you...?
Stop getting so angry about everything and abusing people you don't know.

Especially if the reason for your rant is to protest bullying, which you're now doing.

Call off the lynch mob and just stop telling people to fuck off and die!!
Even though I have trouble not doing the exact same!
and some of these vermin need to go down a peg or two.

But it's funnier if you don't tell them to die or threaten rape/death.
So I guess that a bit of a line there not to cross, if you couldn't make it out. Fo yo self.

We (pretty much) all have opinions, some of them strong, and I'm not trying to stop people expressing these, but there's still a limit to how awful you can be.
So stop going straight for the nastiest nastiness,
If yoou can...

Buffer Capacity and Contingency Plans

Are Important.

Meaningless buzzwords like:
The Ninja-Guru-Rockstar going forward.

The Alpha and Omega:
One and the same. Everything.

Built-up hierarchies:
 of entrenched discrimination:
   and incumbency...
School-to Prison/Prism Pipeline

Write a short story about a fictional future where climate change talks have turned nasty. And some countries effected by global warming/extreme weather have gone to war to attack polluters. A shadow cold war is developing into a full on grudge match. Along the old battle lines. Strange alliances form to defeat shared enemies. East vs West. Old vs New...
(dystopias rule!)