Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Infrequent Disclosure

Even though not many people read this, I would just like to explain why I don't put much stuff on here lately.

As you might see, this is just an outlet for me to express my thoughts and chuck up some random stuff that I think I will want to remember in future, if I ever get around to reading my blog.

But as I have been using twitter lately as a 140 character method to discard my thoughts and angry protests I have found less need to update this. So check out @Yossarian25 for more crapola and stuff.

Also I seem to spend heaps more time lately on my Tablet than on my laptop, which seems to be having battery issues. And life in general takes up too much time. See procrastination.

Ohhh, but I am moving countries soon, so that could kick me back into writing more, but might not.

BTW, still listening to a bit of random music lately:

Current songs on high rotate snapshot:

  • The Weeknd - The Hills  
  • DJ Snake - Middle (Audio) ft. Bipolar Sunshine

Also Kendrick's performance at the Grammys impressed the heck out of me for many reasons, both artistically and politically. Kanye is still a douche though...

But this ain't a music blog though, just a slice of life

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