Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yo Mama!

I not sure if many of you would be interested in satirical websites about current NZ politics...But just in case you would like to defy my predictions, here are a few I found out about, in the last month or so....

and if course if you would like a liberal slice of US politics in postman Pat style cartoon format, always go see Clay Bennett, I have had a link to these for a long time here, neatly disguised by the title: Editoral Cartoons from Chattanooga, on the right side bar type thingy...

poke fun of those in power

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some Velvet Morning

Live through this...

Ok so I only got to 40 days in a row of the haiku thing...
but I still think it was a pretty momentous personal accomplishment anyway...

Day 37 - 8-10-12
Title: Thirty Seven (Unwritten Letters)
thirty seven thoughts
run away from their master
some best left unsaid

D a y  3 8 - Ninth of October
Title: Thirty Eight (The Great Debate)
no matter what state
you cannot escape your fate
with a thirty eight

day 39 - 10th of the 10th ofthe 12th
title: Thirty Nine (they used to be cool)
are hippies now a
less dominant subculture
thirty nine roach clips

Day 40 - 11th October 2012
Title: Forty (a nice round number)
forty not fourty
merely so by convention
common misspelling

End of sequence... (for now)
Made it to 40

New Stuff:

Possible future topics of discussion:

Sleep is quite a fascinating thing...
that we seem to know relatively very little about
recharge, reorder, replenish, repent?
We just accept that a third of our lives will be black out
circadian rhythms, I miss my second sleep.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Resistance, Rebellion, and Death.

Can you justify your actions?

Haiku updates for Days 29 through 36 (of 100):

Day 29 - 30/09/12
Title: Twenty Nine (tragic disaster)
went to work that day
those twenty nine men of Pike
never to return

Day 30 - 1st October Twenty Twelve
Title: Thirty (years)
still young at thirty
an age I don't want to be
the end of childhood

Day 31 – 2nd Oct
Title: Thirty One (Cynical excuses)
Thirty one thousand
People killed in Syria
Damn veto power

Day 32 - 3rd Oct
Title: Thirty Two (Shoppers)
Thirty two people
went to the market that day
most bought shiny things

Day 33 - 4th Oct
Title: Thirty three (Stars)
thirty three uppers
downers screamers laughers then
Buzzy McBuzz Buzz

Day 34 - 5/10/12
Title: Thirty four (Crumbles)
rust neglect decay
thirty four years without care
old infrastructure

Thirty Fifth Day - 6th Oct 12
Title: Thirty Five (Animations)
magical comrades
thirty five repeats a day
of Finn and Jake time

Day 36 - 7-10-2012
Title: Thirty Six (placebos)
my hypothesis
thirty six experiments
no more conclusions

God Damn Pinko Liberal Commie Class War

I've seen my brothers working
Throughout this mighty land;
I prayed we'd get together,
And together make a stand.

Then we'd own those banks of marble,
With a guard at every door;
And we'd share those vaults of silver,
That we have sweated for

(Banks Are Made of Marble - Pete Seeger)

Why is it that the poor are "fighting class warfare" when they are just trying to survive...
Whereas if people build up vast amounts of wealth and don't share it, that's cool...

Well to me that's totally fucked, if you really think about life, doesn't it make sense that society should be judged on how it treats the weakest? Trickle down doesn't work, it's trickle up bitches, like Henry Ford observed. If you pay workers enough to purchase products then they will and everybody wins, well except the environment  but we seemed pretty determined to fuck that up too, so whatevs.... I wish everybody had a good work ethic and took personal responsibility for themselves, but that doesn't seem to be realistic, so should we just unleash poverty and let that sort it out? Our proletariat now live in the third world where our products are made. Should we care less about people because they are on the other side of a line on the map? Or because they speak a different language? Our system wants a certain level of unemployment to keep wages low, we exported our slavery. Poverty is not an individual problem. Starvation is caused by lack of distribution, not shortage. But thinking about that stuff just makes me angry. Might go and count my money.

Is it ironic that the news of MLK's death caused riots across America?

Planned Shrinkage

Monday, October 01, 2012