Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Celestial Watchmaker

We cannot control our thoughts completely, so does that mean we can blame our thoughts for our acts of evil? Well in my opinion no, you can't really blame anyone/thing but yourself for you actions, ultimately. But it does raise the interesting issue that not all our acts are of our own choosing, to a certain point our actions are determined by habit, luck and if you believe in it fate or a higher power, that you might like to call god. I have been thinking alot about (the?) religious debate recently, since reading a review for the Richard Dawkins book the 'God delusion'. Which seeks purely to determine the existence of god (your god), and not judge whether the belief that there is a god is a good or a bad occurrence. I think that's (almost?) more interesting, we could debate whether their is actually a god till we're blue in the face and still not come any closer to a conclusion, but whether the actual belief itself is beneficial to individuals and the world is a bit easier to debate, sort of. In many cases belief in religion motivates people to do many good things; donate to charity, be forgiving and generous, lead a positive existence. But of course many will realise the negative things religion can cause. It can cause people to write nasty letters, tell you how to live your life and maybe worst of all the fact that religion (or differences between religions) causes most of the wars in the world. Ok well sometimes its a difference in culture, nationality or politics, things that can be linked very closely in my books (which don't exist) with religion(s). The thing is, belief in an ultimate power or supreme deity fills us with enough 'faith' to believe that everything we do is right. When (if?) we think about it all societies in history have been wrong with some or most of their knowledge of the world, themselves, outer space. To me god or religion is just as complicated or ambiguous as those things. So there is a good chance that alot of what is widely believed today is wrong. So why should any body, nation or society act with so much confidence in their own beliefs that any means can justify these elusive ends? Notice I'm not aiming this particularly at any one group, government or country? Because the more I look into conflict the more I see that usually both sides are right (to a certain extent) its just a clash or situation that is causing both parties to act unfavourably because the circumstance have pitted them against each other so much, that backing down is not an option because it is seen as defeat. So which ever groups you dislike you may assume I was attacking them... but in essence I'm trying to vaguely describe all conflicts. Which are occurring frequently and will continue to do so, and you can't even control your own thoughts!

Its almost unacceptable to think that what you believed in was wrong, but it could be damned helpful in the long run.

Don't be scared... it's only words...

By the way... I'd like to know how many people have ever convert or adopted religion on their doorstep? And if anybody successfully uncoverted someone who came door knocking at their place.... anyway.

If something has to change
then it always does...

What happens when you lose everything?
you start all over again...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Modern Post

Greetings and welcome to another exciting edition of your favourite piece of void filling.
Nothing better to do than put on a few smelly old pictures that I've taken recently...

...all up in your knickers, Y-fronts and jock-straps!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Cut the red wire....

We forgot all about your needs,
we were too busy fulfilling our own!

Be afraid... be very afraid! Because if you're whipped up into a state of frenzied panic it's easier for powerful forces to influence your erratic mood shifts and paranoid tendencies.

Unless of course you live in Boston, then you should be very worried about being attacked by cartoon characters from outer space. This shocking plot was revealed by amazing minds that realised that in this post 9-Eleven era (mass media shorthand turned symbolic rallying cry) anything looks vaguely electronic is a bomb planted by people who "hate our freedom".

Ohhh whoops it was just advertising for Aqua Teen using light boards, now I'm even more afraid. Afraid that people who seem to be rational, civilised and living in large metropolitan areas can be so naive, and scared of outdated technology. I have focused on this hysterical reaction because it combines (and shows a clash between) intelligent or thought provoking media (e.g ATHF) versus one dimensional media coverage (e.g 'the news media'), I think some people need to get a grip. Why is it that your so supicious of things your know nothing about? More of the subversive activity can be evidence in this retro classic game made irreverent.

Get a friggin' sense of humour... This is what happens when you spread ignorance on a mass scale (Fox & Friends, et al I'm looking at you!) How come I've heard of ATHF and I live nowhere near the USA, but all these media analyst types on the big news channels have never heard of it? Ohhh that's right by head is located separately to my anus.

We have advanced beyond all belief's and manners...
Our vertical leap is beyond all measurement!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Distorted Perceptions

More cynical pragmatic advice on lying for morally bankrupt election strategists!
Nah not really just some quotes I plundered from unknown sources (a bit like fox news!) that I at least partially enjoyed or that can be used against people that frustrate you.

  • Don’t believe everything you think.
  • Wipe you mouth there’s still a bit of bullshit on your lips.
  • Never go to bed angry… stay up and plot your revenge.
  • Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable… like a coma?
  • Shhhhhh… that’s the sound of nobody caring what you think.
  • Did you eat an extra bowl of stupid this morning?
  • I don’t know what your problem is… but I’m sure it’s hard to pronounce!
  • Don’t make me use UPPERCASE!
  • You’re not yourself today… I noticed the improvement immediately!
  • Don’t let your mind wander… it’s too small to go out on its own.

Ok they aren't brilliant but better than empty space I assume.