Friday, August 12, 2011

Something About The Duality of Man Sir

Just to stir debate
a bit of give
and take

I shall name my opinions of
"most influential..."
in these categories:

  • Movie of the 90's: Pulp Fiction
  • Album of the 90's: Nirvana - Nevermind
  • TV show ever: The Simpsons
  • Band: The Beatles

reminder: these are not my favourites
just my opinions, but they are the only
one's that matter, unless you wish to
insert yours below, by way of comment
otherwise I win and so does my shouting

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Destroyed In Seconds

I don't condone the random destruction of people or their property...
But don't tell me there is no reasons or causes behind it,
no matter how misguided or opportunistic these acts are,
there must be something that has caused this situation

sort it out

best tweet I saw about this today:
John Ito
by Yossarian25

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Features and Analysis (Only Joking)

humans thrive on conflict (don't we?)
what would Rome have been without Carthage
The state of the Union without the Confederacy
to spur things along, clash, compete, invent railways
atomic energy, radar, advances from warfare
competition motivates us to achieve
better ways to kill and fix the wounded
efficiency, economic growth, jobs, commerce
all that stuff that we can't live without
but unfortunately is slowly killing the planet
whoops-e-doodle, doodle do, don't
cash moves everything around me
money squawks and bullshit runs everything
capitalism is built on looting and plundering
colonisation diverts income to the core
slavery did happen and sweatshops exist
we've outsourced our manufacturing
to places without rights or labour laws
then wonder why nothing is made here

c#nts are still running the world (or well their money is)

tourists are (almost) (f*ck@n) EVERYWHERE!
especially when I go travelling...

all things move toward their end

you cannot kill what does not live

renegade master, power to the people

a life lived through sound bites

Friday, August 05, 2011

The Price of Milk

water quality
ozone protection
environmental purity
native forests/wetlands

gosh we're thirsty (for disaster)
I like bacon and non-sequiturs
what's you're carbon footprint?

Stop thinking! will only get you thoughts...
No keep it up!'s not illegal yet!

find the white Pukeko

Gypsy Family Slugfest

settling scores
bare knuckle boxing
escalated Irish clan squabbles
feuds so old the origins are unknown
brothers and cousins fighting brothers and cousins