Monday, April 30, 2007

Production line of the mind...

The middle ground between idle thinking and crappy expressive writing!

Mixing up storm,
brewing up a cuppa...
notes from the edge...
inside the thought factory...

Too busy, as always. Time/money paradox. Need more time... but this must be sacrificed to obtain money. Which is required to acquire possessions which can be used to enjoy time. Which you can't use 'cause you are too busy trying to get more money! Endless cycle of labour used to further others aims. Means to an end. Our forebears had it worse. Who am I to complain? A moaning whinger I assume... The odds of winning the lottery aren't even worth a chance... But we'll risk it all, for a opportunity to break out. Is boredom better than being in pain? or would that at least provide some sort of stimulation which is preferable to the absence of any feeling or excitement. Go on without me, I'll only drag you down, to my level, of wonder at what is and what isn't.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Subversive remorse

I'd rather talk about things I have no control over, abstractions so far off their existence is debatable. I have political ideas but they more resemble philosophical discussions, people on the extremes are usually (too) close to the issue, I don't wanna pick an opinion that won't be relevant in a few years, not that I chop and change, but my ideas do, I'm not gonna tell you a fool proof way to save the world, but I'll tell you my opinion today, but try to remember this is not a person it's an idea, my other ego is my id, do I want your approval? sometimes...

There's your explanation
I might mirror this all from now on?
Or some sort of compromise
that works...

Advertising my existence through words and pictures (mirror version/double up)

diverted attention
quelled masses
spun issues
Lashing out
taking sides
debt cycle
stirring the pot
outrage outlets
poverty harvesting
Pushed the button
Divide then conquer
shit down their throats
supply demand
corporate warfare
economic suicide
market attack
good as gold
Sound as a pound
back in half an hour

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Unartistic Impression

(Grand cycle)
absolute nothingness
I think I've done this before
daily grind, rat race, missions
repetition repetition repeat re act repeat
repetition repetition repetition repetition
repetition moves eats shoots leaves repeats
repetition repetition repletion repetition
repeat buy sell buy sell wash rinse repeat
repetition repetition repetition repetition
repetition repetition repetition repetition
birth death love hate power struggle
repetitive recognition let it go repetitively
repetition repetition repetition repetition
I think I've done this before
absolute nothingness