Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things and Stuff

Random Word Generation:

I'll supply the words. You do whatever it is, you normally do...

Reality Shock
Gumption Traps
Premier Combat Unit
Insidious Paranoia
Omnipotent Forces
Anonymous Informants

Emotional Manipulation Machine
Standing Army
Mental Health Day
Mad Magazines
Sexaholic Nymph
Remorse Addict

Sympathy Junkie
Dominant Hegemony
Insurgent Militia
Migrant Species
Nomadic Ideologies
Economic Contagion

Ethnic Disharmony
Historic Struggles
Unending Clashes
Genocidal Conflict
Imperial Overlords
Stagnant Superpowers

Empirical Research
Unprovable Rumours
Shared Illusions
Mass Hallucination
Common Nonsense
Spiritual Denial

Inconsistent meaning
Class Divisions
Subconscious Battles
Impenetrable Logic
Intellectual Stalemate
Subliminal Hate

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Consolidated Funds

Safety net

Original Sin

Death Panel

Sour Grapes

Weakest Link

Silent Majority

Support Group

Sexually Active

Lost and Found

Rescue Package

Culture of Denial

False Dichotomy

Awkward Silence

Motivational Fear

Mindless Backlash

Popularity Contest

Divide and Conquer

Austerity Measures

Immediate Superior

Supply and Demand

Intellectual Vacuum

Marketplace of Ideas

Survival of the Fittest

Delusions of Grandeur

Government Injection

Collective Memory Loss

Inefficient Bureaucracies

Apathetic Social Structures

Greed Envy Hate Lust Sloth Lies


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stage Fight

Can particles travel faster than the speed of light?
Nobody alive can tell you for certain.
Isn't that reassuring?

At least we pretend we're not as superstitious as we once were
just use better modern excuses instead... touch wood..

Heavyweight concepts
tyranny of distance

Adrift on an ocean of time...


find (y)our own meanings chump arse

Sad Cat Post

I don't usually use this space to mention my own personal events too much,
well I guess, I do in a vague roundabout fashion, omit names to protect identities, etc
but anyway here's some raw uncensored info...

I received sad news yesterday:
My Cat died.

He was born in 1989 and lived his whole life in the same house/garden
so in human (calendar) years he was about 21 and a half,
but in cat terms that is far far older, almost 100 I think?
he was very old though and had a mostly sedate, carefree life
besides the odd nocturnal fight in his younger years.

So RIP Speedy the cat I got when I was 7*
what a good bastard he was.

Speedy relaxing (Circa. 1999)

*If u know maths u can work out my age.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

World Of Sarcasm

"The U.S Government totally cares about the fate of the Palestinian people!" opposite land maybe? Where Pigs are frequent flyers, the cheque is in the mail, your farts smell like freshly baked cookies, your bosses are not retards, it's not you it's me, I really want to help you, we are doing this for your own safety/benefit or to enhance traffic flow, that aggression really suits you, the earth can still be fixed, you have nothing to worry about, nuclear arms are the best deterrent, global warming is scaremongering, other people aren't trying to use you, the Trojan horse was a thoughtful gift, I take full responsibility for my actions, I won't do that again, a full inquiry will ascertain all the details, I am not a crook, I'd like to hear your criticism, I am sorry for everything and will never put my own desires ahead of the common goals of humanity, internet message boards are full of constructive feedback, I believe whatever the authorities on television tell me, rumours are a good basis for opinion, legislation, policies and processes always make sense, pointing out the faults somehow solves them, if you're not part of the problem you're part of the solution, this post hasn't gone on too long, cynicism makes it all better for me, peace in our time, myths are true, there is not a whole bunch of crazy shit currently happening all over the world, and I forgot the punchline again...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Irresistible and Irrelevant

Life is tough
perception is reality
we could have had it all...

for as long as we've had a broadcast media
they've had us perpetually petrified

the camera never lies
a nation victimised by crime

harbingers of horrible truth
statistics were to blame

Insanity, creativity
mental illness, depression
bi-polar mood swings
fast, fresh, new, now what?

plain old-fashioned
dependable stable structure
morals, things we need to do
are tedious and dull

we love a good conflict
it's either chaos or boredom
lonely or frustrated

How do we project ourselves to the world?

Please inspire me...

(p.s some concepts in this post were 'borrowed' from...
"The unauthorised history of NZ" {TV series})

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lost Weekends

As opinion ignites discussion...

Entirely pointless lists:
Quick Top 5s!...

Top 5
British Bands*:


Top 5
Birds Around the Place:
4.Silvereye (waxeye)
5.Wood Pidgeon


Top 5
Days of the week:

most calming song ever: What a wonderful world = Louis Armstrong

(*guitar-based rock derivative, but can explore many genres)

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Spirit of Ecstasy

Writing off the Wall

infinite loops...

play within a play
idea within an idea
game within a game
story within a story
world within a world
movie within a movie
dream within a dream
scenario within a scenario
equation within an equation
abstraction within an abstraction

Hold the Line (No Regrets)

(Social Instincts)

reputation, revenge
pride, shame

dignity, humiliation
anger, remorse

frustration, empathy
pain, delight

denial, responsibility
tension, resolution


A direct translation
of the lyrics for the song
"Non, je ne regrette rien"
as performed by Édith Piaf is:
"I regret nothing
no, I have no regrets
I regret neither the good things that were done to me nor the bad things
They are all the same to me
The past is paid,
swept away, forgotten
I don't care of the past any more
I set my memories on fire
My agonies, and my pleasures
I don't need them any more
Swept away in the agonies of love
Swept away forever,
I'm restarting with nothing..."

Friday, September 02, 2011

What Ales You?

beer companies care about the social costs on the people that consume their products
rather than just making profits

- yeah right