Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fashionably Late

Lab Technician at Airport: This is real shit. This coke is pure shit.
Ray Hughes: It's good shit, right?
Lab Technician at Airport: I mean bad shit.
Ray Hughes: Bad shit like, "this shit is bad?"
Lab Technician at Airport: It's shit shit. This shit isn't worth shit. There's barely enough coke in here to attract the dogs. Anybody caught on the street with this would get killed.

Running Scared (1986) Quotes -

Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Tab

this is it*

*til later

(I love you)


Breaking Barriers Over Minorities Heads

...while fleecing their wallets with lotteries and liquor yo!

It's hard to build an empire, when your just fighting to keep what you have...

NOne of it makes sense...
except the parts that aren't meant to

Remember The Intrinsic

...write down the rest.

pre-learned condition(ed)

Basic Courtesy

...goes a long way.

All Beauty Must Die


when the majority of people in your nation vote for people you can clearly see are crooks

when you have to just stop caring otherwise you'll go down with everyone

Pre-existing Conditions

It's either witch-hunts or victim-blaming, there is no middle ground...

cos the people that are listening aren't talking and the people talking aren't listening...

or we're all just a bunch of fucktards...

take your pick...

and a shovel