Monday, September 26, 2005

My thoughts exactly?

Conversation (to show my interest in YOU!!!)

Hey how are ya? (insert your blah blah here)
Mmmmmm... (and here)
sounds interesting... (and here)
i know.... (bit more here)
why? (here too)
that is soooo like him/her...

So anyway back to me, and MY pressing issues! (glad we had a chit chat though)

WANTED: Outlet for my righteous anger and completely justifiable rage.

The old chestnuts of junk mail, politicians and other drivers, just aren't doing it for me anymore. I want to explode at the people who deserve it not just the unfortunate idiots who happen show me their complete lack of consideration for others. But no this is not a hate piece, i just want to go grand theft auto on all your asses!

Disclaimer: Well of course not you... the enlightened readers of my words, you have been spared my great vengence and furious anger... for now.
(Don't take it negatively, unless your a selfish arsehole! but of course your not, you have found redemption on the world wide webhole)

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