Monday, December 25, 2006

Monday, December 18, 2006

Negative Gearing Holdings Proprietary Limited

Short Lyrical inquisition...

I believe I understand this:

“It feels good just to bitch about it
Scratch that itch until it bleeds”

-Sebadoh (Magnet’s Coil) Album: Bakesale

But I don’t think I understand is this:

“its on americas tortured brow,
mickey mouse has Grown up a cow”

-D. Bowie (‘Life on Mars’) Album: (Hunky Dory?)

Suggestions? thoughts? Don’t really care?
Post a comment then....

Strategic Ambiguity

This is where…

denial meets paranoia…

doubt meets justification...

theory meets experience...

experimental meets historical..

modern art meets archaeology…

incidental meets Machiavellian…

abstract meets contemporary tribalism…

Everything has pattern if you observe it long enough...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Paint by Numbers

Brevity is the essence of wit.

Next week: Monkey Knife fights - As funny as they sound?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Service Of Denial

Corrugated Iron Curtin Razor Wire Mesh...

Life’s battle in its most theoretical form…

Politics of Unhappiness (moan, moan, friggin’ moan!)

Hollow people syndrome.

Is a nagging feeling of emptiness a constant nonnegotiable fact of life that is only disguised, here and there, by ambitions or tragedies that distract us momentarily? Ongoing, never-ending…

It seems we are either chasing the next obsession, or lamenting the one just gone. The satisfaction of achievement becomes eclipsed by the nothingness you feel when you don’t have something to aim for. What could you have done differently? Is regret a worthwhile emotion or just a way to look back on something you know no longer have a choice in/or control over? A yearning for the next/last high/low…

I personally feel that I am never completely satisfied with my exact situation. Is it pessimism, Realism or the inherited discontent of modern society and my isolation from… something, I don’t exactly know what... A detachment from nature? An estrangement from our natural desires for conflict and brutality? Alienation from my own labour? (I’m not Marx but work sucks) Or all of the above?

Is this my own neurosis or a widespread feeling of loneliness, depression, personal trauma, unlimited wants, lack of struggle for survival, missing outlets for primal aggression, sexual frustration, neediness?? Well OK I know it is not localised to my thoughts , because I read similar ideas from people that had died before my parents were born...

Are we really free to do as we wish?

It can be avoided whether through delusion or denial. But someday it will sneak up, grab you and give you a bit of pain… (Anxiety, loathing, malevolence, greed, hunger…)

MY SOLUTION: Fuck it, do your best and what you think is right at the time, and we’ll sort the rest out a bit later on down the track…. Comes out in the wash, swings and roundabouts, ups and downs…

But then a gentle feeling that nothing is worth stressing about for too long descends.

I couldn’t say it better:

"Verbal war paradigm
Pseudo street fighter
Removable objectivity

Return of the Wangster

Abstract Hypothetical nonsense/analysis…

‘Podcast of Death’

Birth… Death…

Triumph… Tragedy…

When does life begin?
(Submit all answers on the back of a stamped self addressed envelope to...)













at the expense of?

Monday, November 13, 2006

In heaven everything is fine!

The ongoing Ideological battle between Individualism and collectivism...

How can people be so friggin' cruel? Wasn't it said that a society can be judged by how it treats it's most destitute and disadvantaged citizens?
"Oh but humans have to make the most of what we have, so we should reward those that can be the most greedy, this will increase the overall efficiency of the market, and as a side effect reduce the over-population problem amoungst the poor and inefficient! Survival of the fittest! let them sort themselves out, individualism, isolation, xenophobia... it is God's will!"
Yeah well it doesn't give you the right to be a c**t! Why can't you have some compassion or sympathy? Or is that to socialistic for you in our market system?

"Can those values be graphed?"

Woah a week just went past... and all I did was Youtube...

It has just been made official that everything can now be viewed.
Including everytime you have ever been to the toilet or to an
eating establishment, police-station or office...
Man, I never knew girls fought each other so much until I searched
for girl fights. But seriously, is nothing sacred anymore? No!
Ohhh well thats good we can all get over ourselves once and for all,
and not fight about who's prophet is who's son...

other search topics not recommended:
riots, plane/car crashes, Kevin Federline (sorry K-Fed)

That is all, for now...

*Rodney King

Monday, November 06, 2006

Bill O'Reilly eats children... (and minorities)

Free Hugs from Sick Puppies....

Just been trawling through the massive abyss that is Youtube…
(who hasn't)
Here are a few things I found that weren’t crap…
And some that were…)

Thought I'd share a few of my recommendations out loud:
I warn you: Time will pass and you may not notice.

If you don't know who Bill O'Reilly is and would like to hate him too:

...and if you get bored of that there are always school yard fights and bad ads to peruse!

Like Choirs? check out... 'heartbeats' has a nice video too...




Vicious lies and spouting my opinion:

I do not endorse violence, unless its humourous
or directed against someone that isn't me...

Can anyone tell me why Bill O'Reilly is not dead yet? Surely with so many guns around someone could do us all a favour? He is the devil's bitch on earth or something. Why is it only the right-wing nuts get to assassinate people. I am not really avocating his murder, even though approximately 60% of what he says is crap. But if someone wants to blow up Fox "News" (loose use of the word news) and not blame me, I would be slightly happier... Imagine Alex Jones and Bill O'Reilly in a Bare-knuckle brawl! Except Alex gets 2 grenades and a flamethrower... Im not really evil, but like everyone I have objects of hatred and things I wish did not exist, and I'm really sick of the right-wing agenda, that's running the world... Fox "News " can be funny for a laugh though...

mind is a razorblade

Typical Fox Commentary:

Situation #1: Repubican politician shoots someone accidentally.
"Nice shot, now lets get over it!"

Situation #2: Democrat politician talks about troops overseas.
Comments: From these comments we can assume that the Democrats seem to want to free Saddam, make America into a giant sex shop, ensure abortions are mandatory, use stem cell research to spread homosexuality and make all religion into communism.

p.s Can someone please tell Jay-Z what retirement means?

p.p.s Thanks Kerry for giving the GOP a chance (ar$ehole!)
You must be Bush's Cousin!

B A A R R R - - z z z Z Z I N G ! !

~ @ # $ % @ $ !~

Just getting it out there


Culture of Fear

Caught between Iraq and a hard place....

Well now that old Saddam has been dealt to looks like a happy ending for everybody...
yeah right!

Oh except for the pesky *almost* civil war between the rival Sunni and Shitte factions, which I believe (if not purposely sparked by Western influence) is being encouraged.
(I obviously have no proof of this, so feel free not to believe me, but check out the articles and it seems pretty pretty suspect...)
Even the way the 'show' trail of old beardy is portrayed in the media,
frames it as battle between old and new power in Iraq, e.g. the old Sunni's who were on top are gonna pay for keeping the shitte's down for so long. So yeah go at it fellas, kill each other for Uncle Sam, same as they do in Compton. Shitte vs. Sunni, might as well be Crips n' Bloods. Just get the groups you fear/despise to do the dirty work themselves, all you have to do is blow up a few mosques.
Divide and conquer yeee har!

By the way I don't blame America itself, like all countries your powerful elite and ruling Government have got you in the dark, while they plan their next move(s)...
People, people, people...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Colonial Seaside locales

I've got nothing to say...
Iv'e got nothing to say...
when life is busy the blog suffers...

Invalid Reason Code

In other non-news:
Did a few doodles, wrote a few words, took some photos...
explainations to come some other time...
not sure on all the meanings...

I mean you no harm!

I also got Beck's new album "This information", highly recommend to those who like Beck or those that like kind of obscure eclectic randomness. Fits neatly into "Electro-folk-funk-soul-rock-hip hop" pigeonhole... and best of all you design your own cover using stickers provided.

Here's my effort, feel free do do much better anytime!

Death By Sophistication

Jig saw Update:

Need a new fix...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Honesty is the least efficient policy

Strengths and weaknesses… just ways to predict/control/exploit other people?

Random… for the sake of it?
Or a sane reaction to an insane situation?

What’s the context?

I’ll keep you posted...
Or your money back!

I take very little seriously,
except for pleasure and humour….

Not things I excel at.

can this go on??????

Tracking Shot

Some mishaps are unavoidable... i assume

Is it just me?
or is reality tv now just a bunch of annoying individuals, associating with ignorant people, conflicting with meek people threatened by bigoted people being judged by unaffectionate people laughed at by unproductive people being drawn into relationships with selfish people who are angered by unfortunate souls…

a bit like real life… really…

Ok so I’ve rinsed out that sentence…like a dishcloth…
used some words too much, maybe some too little…
so I’ll quickly direct your opinion back to the punch line…
I was hoping this would look a lot better once I edited it…
the one trick pony, that couldn’t do one trick very well…
just disintegrating into his own memory,
strangled by his own constraints…

I should be reading your comments on life, not vice versa…

I assume you’d probably have more to say…
better opinions, more thought out arguments…
clearer visions of the world to come…
a decisive knowledge that history was won by the good guys…
faith in democracy… more people must be better!
secure knowledge of self,
belief in humanity (the goodness of)…
less excuses, more specifics…

I’ll still be here next week though
At least there’s no friggin’ ads yo!

I’m outties…

Monday, October 16, 2006

Memory Holes

I am a **** load of random things…

Feelings thoughts emotions opinions
Strengths talents fear decay
Ritual habit obligation regret
Confusion hope love hate
Duality courage goals quirks
Filth tears fury sweet
Pet-peeves superstition volition
Significance accumulation
Guilt loss shame memories
Views news nightmares
Flashbacks daydreams
Ambition rejection
Pride sloth greed lust, etc….

All Borrowed from other sources?

Hypertextual Innuendo

Break it down…

Unseen Contribution
Debated Pollution
Unknown Exploitation
Thought Incubation

Self Adulation
Feint Masturbation
Hidden Induction
Unwieldy Consumption

Necessary Reduction
Gala Luncheon
Decision Junction
Reaction Inaction

Ad hoc Collection
Unlawful Connection
Seduction Corruption
Revolution Solution

Form for function
Cause an effect

“I’ve been thinking one thing, but doing something else in a daze...”

Monday, October 09, 2006

Double edged Post

Not only is this a great way to communicate intricate ideas to people I either don’t know or hardly see, but its also a good online storage facility for my less personal photos. So not only can you see photos I have taken lately or that I am unusually happy about, but you can read bollocks also. Do I hear Win-win situation! So keep this in mind, as in some cases: I may want people to especially view this photo, or in other cases I want to put it on my desktop at work, cos it cracks me up. You decide. Fun game for those playing at home!

Q u i c k . . f i r e . . n o t h i n g s :

  • Not that I'm American but looks like the Republicans might be going down, and not just on their teenage interns...
  • Ohhh yeah, if you haven't yet check out the new Weird Al Yankovich song "White n Nerdy" back to his best...
  • If you haven't yet (and you don't find the earth boring) go see "An Inconvenient Truth" like me you may learn a thing or three, and understand why big business was never gonna let Al (Gore) become the big cheese...
  • By the way have any of the recent shootings sparked any debate about gun control? Didn't think so... oh that's right it's in the Constitution (from our cold dead hands…)

So here’s some stuff I cut and paste from an email, and some photos I took in a city I don’t live in… For people who have visited before: sorry I haven’t put much effort into this in the past few weeks, I have been busy… so get off my case!

At least I'm semiconsistant and attempt to be honest


1. Save The Whales. Collect The Whole Set.
2. A Day Without Sunshine is Like, Night.
3. On The Other Hand, You Have Different Fingers..
4. I Just Got Lost In Thought. It Wasn't Familiar Territory.
5. 42.7% Of All Statistics Are Made Up On The Spot.
6. Light Travels Faster Than Sound, Which Is Why Some People Appear Bright Until You Hear Them Speak.
7. I Feel Like I'm Diagonally Parked In A Parallel Universe.
8. Honk If You Love Peace And Quiet.
9. Remember, Half The People You Know Are Below Average.
10. He Who Laughs Last, Thinks Slowest.
11. Depression Is Merely Anger Without Enthusiasm.
12. The Early Bird May Get The Worm, But The Second Mouse Gets The Cheese.
13. I Drive Way Too Fast To Worry About Cholesterol.
14. Support Bacteria. They're The Only Culture Some People Have.
15. Monday Is An Awful Way To Spend 1/7 Of Your Week.
16. A Clear Conscience Is Usually The Sign Of A Bad Memory.
17. Change Is Inevitable, Except From Vending Machines.
18. Get A New Car For Your Spouse. It'll Be A Great Trade!
19. Plan To Be Spontaneous Tomorrow.
20. Always Try To Be Modest, And Be Proud Of It!
21. If You Think Nobody Cares, Try Missing Couple Of Payments.
22. How Many Of You Believe In Psycho-Kinesis? Raise My Hand.
23 . Ok,.... So What's The Speed Of Dark?
24. How Do You Tell When You're Out Of Invisible Ink?
25. If Everything Seems To Be Going Well, You Have Obviously Overlooked Something.
26. When Everything Is Coming Your Way, You're In The Wrong Lane.
27. Hard Work May Pay Off In The Future. Laziness Pays Off Now.
28. Everyone Has A Photographic Memory. Some Just Do Not Have Film.
29. If Barbie Is So Popular, Why Do You Have To Buy Her Friends?
30. How Much Deeper Would The Ocean Be Without Sponges?
31. Eagles May Soar, But Weasels Do Not Get Sucked Into Jet Engines.
32. What Happens If You Get Scared Half To Death Twice?
33. I Used To Have An Open Mind But My Brains Kept Falling Out.
34. I Couldn't Repair Your Brakes, So I Made Your Horn Louder.
35. Why Do Psychics Have To Ask You For Your Name?
36. Inside Every Older Person Is A Younger Person Wondering What Happened.
37. Just Remember - If The World Did Not Suck, We Would All Fall Off

No I will not explain myself! Ok maybe I will if i'm asked nicely....

Thursday, September 28, 2006

You Know The Drill

The following transcript was found inside a dark and murky area of little value. You probably know somewhere like that near you...

WARNING: May have no conceivable aim or goal. At all.

(Answer machine voice)

“Message received on Thursday the twenty-eighth of September, two thousand six at five fifty five pm:”

(Generic male voice)

“Yeah I just rang to say that I won’t be posting this Monday like I usually may do, so yeah you probably knew that already somehow, but I if you didn’t you know now. If you don’t know why I’ll tell you cryptically in a week or so, maybe, if you’re lucky”

(Breaks off into laughter)

“Or just mention it in a round-about way...”

(Theatrical pause)

“What mystery? I don’t not know* what you’re alluding to, you happy? Solved…yeah well I could trail on like this for quite a while. But I won't. Long story short: I probably won’t be round as usual temporarily and it’s all for the better, and I just didn’t want you to think I given up”


“So yeah I’ve just helped to pass/waste a little bit of time for at least 5 or 6 people, maybe more I don’t want to start estimating all round the show. Okay I’m wrapping up, and you shouldn’t expect much anyway, not round here. Or over there. Low expectations a better than disappointment, well in the short term anyhow, every little bit helps. Justice and fairness are abstract nouns. Enough is enough…”

(Phone hangs up)

*apologies for double negatives

Monday, September 25, 2006

Frustration of Contract

Life is speeding up….

Got my dark humour thoughts working overtime after I found a animated history of US military intervention from 1801 to 2004… talk about endless cycles, doomed repetition and all that leftist, wouldn’t-mind-abita-peace nonsense! So I’ve thought up some new catch phrases that may not help sell the war to possible new recruits…

W A R ...
(...what is it good for?)

Keeping the rich richer, and the poor dead!

Motivated by Trade, justified by religion/patriotism!

Started by the old, finished by the young!
Maybe I should of made a website not a blog….
You’re your reading this you could be contributing to humanity…Or exercising!

the king is dead, long live the king....

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Modern Discourse

The world is run by cun+s!
New evidence has come to light today
which confirms, not only that
the world is run by cun+s,
but also that it will
to be
for perpetuity...

"Now the working classes are obsolete,
They are surplus to societies needs,
So let ‘em all kill each other,
And get it made overseas.
That’s the word don’t you know,
From the guys thats running the show,
Lets be perfectly clear boys and girls,
Cun+s are still running the world..."
(Jarvis Cocker)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Monkeys, rats and concentration camps...

(Palestinian side of the Israeli West Bank barrier.)

The benefits of visiting your own flat…
Described by some as a 'Art Terrorist' or "Guerilla Artist"....
I had heard of him before due to his fiercely anti-corporate activities of culture-jamming, graffiti art, and generally being a great example of a confusion spreading, thought provoking mo’ fo’! Another example of someone I would like to emulate in some way, but don’t think I have the talent or guts…

I’m speaking about "world renowned, London-based graffiti artist ‘Banksy’" (cheers wiki). I just heard on the radio last week that he had gone into music stores in England and changed the particulars of ‘Paris Hilton’s (a deep thinker of our generation indeed) album to make the song titles (e.g 'Why Am I Famous?') about her being a spoilt rich drunken whore (who’s not even particularly attractive, the empty cult of celebrity. I mean she's just wealthy and man is she gonna look worse in like 5 years… but I digress. Anyway he always seems to be doing stunts that are usually both politically and humorously motivated, in some way at least. Then I found this book at my flat, that my flatmate had got from the library called “Wall and Piece” man this guy is so hard out, prolific, gifted, guess I sound like I wanna get down on my knees, but really it’s that good! Well I don’t need to put words in his mouth or anything like that because he also gives his own insights, theories and musings which in my humble opinion are on the mark. People ARE being made to feel small, isolated and pathetic, just so they'll buy more products! He has inspired me to take a more active role in grass roots politics, by spray painting on walls! I never quite got it right but its time I went back to have another go at stencilling, etc if i ever get a chance/free-time... How many 'graffiti artists' could fill a whole book? (rhetorical)

Watch this space/channel/slot/outlet/frequency/source/load of/point on/slash/reference myself and others…. Ok I’ve lost it again but you get the drift…

Go Banksy wherever he may be!

(sorry if you don't like lnk-intensive posts, but i just had to...)

Get x or die y-ing....

Unknown varibles in the house ya'll!

Went to the movies last night.
Watched "Thank you for Smoking", thoroughly recommend to people who like satirical black comedy so sharp you could slit your wrists, or I guess thats what an ad exec would pitch. Anyway it was good, funny, smart, yada yada...
Sorta sneaks up on you like a bolt out of the blue (another movie coming out soonish) one of those not sure what to expect type dealios (the best way to watch a movie is with as little prior knowledge to pollute your mind as possible- so if you wanna se it don't view the link at the top...)
Even though I hate to compare willie nillie to other movies, it gave me the sort of feeling I got when I first watched 'Fight club' and 'Being John Malkovich... it's hasn't any real similarity to them as far as plot or themes, but just that rapid flow of information, snappy editing and a tendency to over estimate the audience rather than under...
Check it y'all!

Us and Them

As we all know the world is divided into two opposing groups: 'Good' and 'Evil'...

(We’ll complete the dividing wall shortly, once the consultation process is completed)

In the interests of world peace I would like to unite these disparate groups by proclaiming: “we’re all a pack of arseholes, get over it…” (Tell your kids)

That’s all for this post just wanted to prove that blogs can live and peace and harmony, while also be a source of inspiration and learning. Even when they live in a self maintained world of jargon and thought grenades. But every now and then we can dust ourselves off, come down from the upper reaches and get our hands dirty. We provide this service at no cost to you all, no matter how separated from society you may feel. So that’s the nitty gritty word from above for the moment…

Ponder this….

Insecurity – the reason for every evil action in the universe?
Or the real reason behind every action taken by humans?
(We’re talking subconscious here peoples!)

Be mindful of your surrounding and erogenous zones!

I fell into a trap I set for myself….

Monday, September 11, 2006

Burden of Proof

Haphazard Samplings

Coen Bros Filmography:

From a random a sample during the week I found a few people not schooled up on this film-making duo. But instead of me doing reviews or giving my opinion, I decided to just list their work in order and you can judge their merits autonomously, and educate yourself about any that you’ve missed. Placing the onus back on you!

  • The Ladykillers (2004)
  • Intolerable Cruelty (2003)
  • The Man Who Wasn't There (2001)
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)
  • The Big Lebowski (1998)
  • Fargo (1996)
  • The Hudsucker Proxy (1994)
  • Barton Fink (1991)
  • Miller's Crossing (1990)
  • Raising Arizona (1987)
  • Crimewave (1985)
  • Blood Simple. (1984)

Ok I’m not claiming I’ve seen all of these, or that every one of them is a complete movie masterpiece, although at least 3 definitely are. I just think if you don’t know much about these guys and their work it is worth exploring! My preferred ones are: The man who wasn’t there, and O brother…. I’m sure all would kick snakes on a planes arse!

Just to show music fans I’m not marginalising them to reach the film buff crowd, here is a tracklisting of the David Bowie album ‘Ziggy Stardust’. I decided to reference cultural icons for once cos I never really go into detail much…

  • 1. Five Years
  • 2. Soul Love
  • 3. Moonage Daydream
  • 4. Starman
  • 5. It Ain't Easy
  • 6. Lady Stardust
  • 7. Star
  • 8. Hang Onto Yourself
  • 9. Ziggy Stardust
  • 10. Suffragette City
  • 11. Rock 'N' Roll Suicide
  • 12. John, I'm Only Dancing
  • 13. Velvet Goldmine
  • 14. Sweet Head
  • 15. Ziggy Stardust
  • 16. Lady Stardust

Should I get all High-fidelity and start making top ten lists for every occasion past, present and fictional? TBA

Media quickies:

Stuff on TV that’s worth checking out:

  • The Soprano’s
  • Big Love
  • Family Guy
  • The Simpsons

Which are currently all playing episodes which haven’t been played on NZ TV (well when season 17 of the Simpsons starts they will be. Watch out for the starting sequence acted out by human actors…) Usual shizz really, not that I endorse television “drug of the nation, breading ignorance and feeding radiation” (not that I don’t endorse drugs).

Song of the week: Anyone heard that song by “Peter Bjorn and John” called ‘Young folks’ probably the sorta thing that I might get sick of in months to come, buts it’s a cool catchy breakbeat with laidback darkish verses, but has an upbeat poppy chorus. High rotate on the portable media player for the week!

Also notice five years on (yes it has been that long)… I noticed Loose Change (a.k.a Let’s Roll 9-11) has reached the mainstream media. Even if most people shrug it off as a “conspiracy theory” at least it may open up discussion, and help people realise that the sympathy and patriotism was used and abused by the Bush administration for their own ends. Whether or not they could organise something that big is still very very debatable. Hopefully were all abit more aware next time someone cloaks themselves in the flag and manipulates patriotic nationalism.

Thanks to anonymous for recommending some reading. Didn't have time to read a whole novel (just at the mo), but Took a look online and found out about the book and its general themes, which touch upon my rant last week about most of the world being caught in an economic hell-hole. But as long we have our morning beverage and syndicated publication we don’t really give a fuck.

TEACHER seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Lust Ambition and Greed

Let me tell you how it will be...

The weekly chronicles of all that’s unclear or nonsensical, all chucked round in the mixer, until your thoughts can no longer hold their own weight! (back to cloud gazing)
This goes out to my Brooklyn crew!
The last hurrah of the withdrawn homespun earthbound life form, aching for pain to rein on the angry, purges of negative units/particles/substances from an otherwise pure world… of death, fear, power (victims), nature, torture, natural disasters, peace, love, envy, hate, guilt, regret, shit, fertilizer, used vessels, empty promises, promiscuous needs, people rewarded that don’t deserve it, people getting absolutely shat on who never hurt a fly, and the happy-go-lucky-medium-impartial-outcast of truth, justice, and the way of the rich…
But everything is the same, incapable of separation (only deterioration), one’s good is another bad, your windfall is another’s adversity, up, down, left, right, infinite lives…

...If I had something to say, I’d say what I mean…

Is the global population explosion of the last 100-250 years the inherent flaw infecting everything and dragging humanity and the earth down a big freakin’ plughole? Or am I applying an artificial narrative construct of my own overtop of essentially random events that have more a statistical explanation than either a spiritual or historical one. Cumulative rotational cycles within a much larger/longer pattern of time/space continuums, what would I know, I just work here…
Conflict gonna ruin us all?

Still I can hear myself shouting at the sky, telling it to knell down or at least show mercy on our souls.

All I can state with almost absolute certainty is that my life could be considered perfect compared with 95% of the other inhabitants of this globe, but it still feels messed up and jerked around. Maybe it’s a desire for control that can never be fulfilled? What am I…? Freud? Socrates? A poor man’s Skinner? Not in this life….

Everything is funny in a sad sort of way!

Because people seem to be mildly amused by these, and I’m obviously not shy (or proud) to gap fill….

Another 10 Things you'd love to say out loud at work:

1. It's a thankless job, but I've got a lot of karma to burn off.
2. Yes, I am an agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial.
3. And your cry-baby whiny assed opinion would be?
4. Do I look like a f*%$ing people person to you?
5. This isn't an office. It's Hell with fluorescent lighting.
6. I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left.
7. Sarcasm is just one more service we offer.
8. If I throw a stick, will you leave?
9. Errors have been made. Others will be blamed.
10. Whatever kind of look you were going for, you missed.

Am I a modern version of my ancestors?

I wish I could go back in time...

It may be shit, but at least it's my shit!
cher to Ro for da links...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Highly Imperfect species

Do you move through the room with a glass in your hand?
Thinking too hard about the way you stand?

No, me neither... I never overthink minor details!

I' m not sure where this is going anymore...
It will go somewhere though, that is for sure!
Mark my words...
its not just the mental
masturbation, it pretends to be.
Getting the virus out before it kills the host
poisons his crops a
nd hops on a plane to somewhere else.
Down the rabbithole, as we delve deeper
into the inner working of an itimate clown
...with issues.), who chooses social graces...
Just be sure that it is going somewhere...

I dug another hole... (did another puzzle... told you they're addictive!)

Hate is a strong word...

Keep staring like you 've never seen the stars before...
If you need me to remind you who you are?

Monday, August 21, 2006

Stating the Obvious

Free yourself… Rise up… Overcome….

Or whatever!

Facts are meaningless: you can use them to prove anything remotely true!

Weekly summary:

This week I saw at least two movies, they were:

Waking life” (2001)

Troy” (2004)

Both worth a look if your into that kinda thing… “Waking life” is a bit more conversational (maybe even controversial) and thought-provoking while at the same time visually... good, and different. A lot of discussion about subject matter that has no definitive answer, so right up my alley!

Here’s a quote (nah make it two: )

“The trick is to combine your waking rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams. Because, if you can do that, you can do anything.”

“What a bunch of garbage; liberal, democrat, conservative, republican. It's all there to control you! Two sides of the same coin. Two management teams bidding for control, the CEO job of Slavery, Incorporated! The truth is out there in front of you, but they lay out this buffet of lies. I'm sick of it, and I'm not going to take a bite out of it, do you got me?”

Troy’ is a bit more of an epic war piece, with big budget stars and huge locations. But it ain’t too bad, gonna look a bit more closely if I ever get a giant horse from the Greeks.

Here is some (ironic?) trivia about said film:

Brad Pitt, who plays Achilles had a mishap during the production - he tore his left Achilles tendon.
(is that method acting?)

Weekly summary: Part deux!

Went out and saw a nice wee gig, it was:
Sam Flynn Scott (and band) & Voom! At the dux….
Real bloody good eh! Worth leaving the comfort of home...

I like fire, but not enough to be a pyromaniac…
I like churches, but I’m not involved in organised religion…

So that’s the weekly wrap up and shake down….

I came a bit unprepared for bloggin’ this week, so I’m sort of falling back on the sort of chain email crap that people send out with a message saying “Just send this to people and see what happens. Do not break this, please” or “once in some country you’ve never heard of a man broke the chain and his successful typewriter business was gone less than two decades”. So yeah, yeah you’ve heard it all before, Chuck Norris is tough and it’s basically an insult to your intelligence to read the rest of this post….

Everybody loves jokes and everybody finds them absolutely hilarious, it’s a ‘scientific® fact*’. Even if the joke is not particularly funny people will be happy with the knowledge that someone has taken the time to think up something to amuse them. For example....

1. I can see your point, but I still think you're full of crap.
2. I don't know what your problem is, but I'll bet it's hard to pronounce.
3. How about never? Is never good for you?
4. I see you've set aside this special time to publicly humiliate yourself.
5. I'm really easy to get along with once you people learn to see it my way.
6. Who lit the fuse on your tampon?
7. I'm out of my mind at the moment, but feel free to leave a message.
8. I don't work here - I'm a consultant.
9. It sounds like English, but I don't understand a damn word you're saying.
10. Ahhh. I see the stuff-up fairy has visited us again.

“Not a hoax, just a publicity stunt…”
“There's only one instant, and it's right now. And it's eternity.”

*May not have been proven at all, but merely serves to give sentence more power…

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On with the Show!

New Lease on Life after brush with death!

Just to show some of my other talents/interests...
here's a pic of a 1000 piece Jig-saw I finished in less than a week!
Ohh what a week that was... a full-on jig-saw fest, the carnage.
Man fast cars, movie stars and jig saws... such a vicious combination!
So many have fallen into this trap.
Belushi, Phoenix, the list goes on…

Can I get out before I'm in too deep?
I'm thinking of starting another one soon...

Can you spot the missing piece?

Yeah , well we can't find that piece so if you see it send it in...

Honour is only among thieves... only hurts when I laugh!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Getting nineties on yo' a$s!

Post-Fatality Horror Show

(Lest we forget
the tragically departed Nineties)

After something like that you need to wind down.... relax... have a Nineties Party! well whatevers in dunners really...

You don't need to crash your car... to know a car can be totalled.

That was a car (once)

Follow up:
stuff so Important it requires further information!

This picture was sent in by an observant reader from Dunedin.
he has won this week's book voucher for his essay entitled:
"Totalitarianism: Not as fun as it sounds?"
Don't drive drunk in north Otago late on a friday night while crossing the centreline!

By the way... can you see my Galant in that photo above?
Well here is the extent of the damage to that car....