Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thought Crime

Graveyard of Abandoned Fads

Eulogy to lost optimism

The desire for meaning and the quest for knowledge

Future measurements of current fortune

Addicted to targets and goals

Reduce the impact of negative stress

Knowledge dispels fear

Educate your self

Domination is strategy

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Leap Second


planning, waiting
living, dreaming

hoping, voting
winning, leaving

giving, learning
sharing, being

tracing, mapping
looking, seeing

charting, graphing
minding, daring

using, asking
hiding, caring

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Misplaced aggression

Death or Liberty or Convenience!!

lynch mob
band wagon
captive audience
target demographic
home detention
personality cult
gossip forum
rumour mill
social fabric
stalk fest
public outcry
fickle opinion
brand loyalty
freedom fighter
fan club
market forces
charity case
focus group
special interest
splinter cell
human resources
violent backlash
bloodless coup
criminal war
peace palace
judicial organ
legal minefield
execution summary

Saturday, June 18, 2011

knuckle Sandwiches

pita perversions
fraudulent focaccia
fellatio fingers
bakery brewhaha
taco terrorists
bagette bangers
ciabatta cheats
sour-dough psychos
wholemeal hooligans
mixed-grain grifters
flatbread flick-knives
tortilla transgressions
wrap rumbles
naan nasties
roll rackets
rice revenge
pasta plunder

Monday, June 13, 2011


personal ad for humanity (condition applies)

interests include:
seeking out new stuff, classifying all we see, chavanism
travel, study, breathing, complaining, manipulating, calculating
long walks on the beach, dinner, brunch, lego, birds, madness
reproduction, collecting, empire building, replication
sunsets, drinking, lunar eclipses, toys, distractions
fashion, fads, crazes, repetition, changing old stories
nostalgia, rewriting history to create a false past, myths
legends, oral traditions, poetry, rumours, tales, scadal, lies
apathy, mood-swings, revenge, remorse, redemption, relapse,
retirement, recovery, lethargy, cathassis, relocation
humour, aggression, leverage, politics, unrequited love
beverages, survival, competition, charity, greed, romance
lust, envy, speed, clarity, nonsense, flora and fauna
bragging, conciet, loathing, hoarding, flaunting, corruption
feathering our own nest at the expense of others at times,
shooting things, taking photos, sports, hate, ignorance, fear
order, debate, democracy, rules, restrictions, destruction
hope, predictions, gambling, destractions, theft, piracy
tools, cars, machinery, technology, speculation
rebellion, revolution, resistance, repetition,
and the rest

looking to meet similar

Sunday, June 12, 2011

In My Happy Place

A series of cynical/simple haiku poems...
developed for the open-minded post-rational
non-conformist belligerent naive fools...
insecure yet non-selfish lovers...
surface-dwelling enablers.


beginning cycle
life coming into the world
thinking survival


infinite expanse
where no one can hear you scream
the final frontier


the source of life
amazing, vast and immense
blue place that we fish


multilingual migration


barbaric, wild
exotic and colourful
but lacks opinion


will never repeat
nor repent, beg, steal or lie
humans can do that


under the weather
vitamins and supplements
faith in placebos


lacking in many
but needed to develop
I can't be bothered


celebrity skin
DIY-work required
can't leave it alone


flies, crawls, yearns, glides, stalks
steam-rolls, does not wait for us
however we feel


different from wisdom
accumulation of thoughts
I know more than you


massive expenses
adversarial system
deaf, dumb but not blind


current hypothesis
experimenting with life
the path to doomsday


combined strength unit
alliance, syndicate, tribe
against all the rest


measured quantities
graphs, relationships, patterns
counting everything


ubiquitous filth
mass media in the lounge
make the voices stop

These viscous attacks and undetermined narratives have not come cheap.
They devour their host from the inside, causing random outbursts and pessimistic thoughts, until his soul is crushed, then reborn as a cute wee kitten on an island of sherbet, with rainbows, etc.

This was my tribute to Wonder Showzen*
(the funniest, most darkly disturbing [in a nice way] and sickening non-children's humour show, I have ever had my funny bone giggled by...)

Limericks about existentialist toilet graffiti in the Middle-East...
Recycled Vatican gift shop homeless shelter, free holiday, give-away lies for the gullible.
Words won't end here.
You are elite!
Sorry for the fuss :)

*titles taken from their episode list, but Haiku made up by me on the couch at home.

Butterfly Kisses

Best quote I have heard about sex lately:

"It's a wonder that humankind
has constructed
kind of civilization
with this monumental distraction at hand."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Enduring Nonsense

Permutations of human existence
affectionate combinations

live love life
life love live
love life live
life live love
love live life
live life love

3 x 2 = 6

Inspired by Knitting...