Tuesday, February 14, 2006

R.I.P.PED to shreds...

Satire is the lowest form of irony, derision, or wit...(New rule: Inverted comma's bestow personification! (you'll get what i mean))

“Tolerance” (birth date unknown -2006)
We barely knew thee.
Sorrowfully we have to say goodbye to our dear friend and sometime saviour, who sadly has departed recently.

Mourned by many who can remember when “Tolerance” was in existence, and the calming affects he brought to those who new of him. But it seems the hardest hit have been those that were closest, said to be close-to-death themselves, “Respect” and “Dignity” might not live till 2007 at this rate. Devastated since the tragic departure of his close friends “good faith” and “humanity”, “Tolerance” sadly never recovered from this loss.

Sources close to “Hatred”, have said to be rejoicing as he is now the only emotional response left to combat challenging circumstances. “Prejudice” is rumoured to be throwing a party to both celebrate the passing of a figure he never liked, and to recruit new followers.

But what about “Tolerance’s early life? It is true that he was scarce at the best of times and in some decades recently was barely seen at all. In fact he is said to have gone missing for whole centuries at a time. But it appears the final blow came when he was separated from his closest friends “Acceptance” and “Patience” who seem to have been buried in a wave a staunch fanaticism from both sides. Said to have been quite hard to find in times of trouble, the current global mood has said to have destroyed our these old friends once and for all. “A damn shame” was a quote by many that had even a brief exposure to our departed ally. “I wanted to be that way, you know, nice. But without “Tolerance” I’m reaching for any military hardware or oppressive ideology I can.” Said one world leader who preferred to remain anonymous.

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