Friday, October 21, 2011

Jiggly Wobble or Wobbly Jiggle



Important comedians who pushed boundaries
Fought for Freedom of Speech
Questioned Religion/Society

Fun Fact: Unauthorised reproduction and distribution of copyrighted work, or just generally stealing ideas, has helped many large companies (multi-national entities) achieve great success at shafting rivals who's brilliant inventions where never quite marketed (or simplified) for mass consumption. But hey, to the victor goes the spoils, the winners get to write history and erase the losers that didn't fit their paradigm. The world's too fucked to fix anyway. The meek will inherent a chance to dig their own graves. Power comes from the barrel of a gun. If your motives are justified, you can lie to the whole world, to kill more enemies than we ever knew existed. If we don't murder, then I guess only the opposition would, so we might as well make it fair. Fair is fear.

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