Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steal Beams

Dear you that is reading this sentence...

Would it be illegal for someone to start a kickstarter or whatever campaign to put out a hit on Duterte?

Only suggesting cos he has no appreciation for human life, so why should we respect his?

That motherfucker just grinds my fucken-expletive-opps-I-swore-gears.

Makes me realise that the really bad downside of drugs (besides addiction) is that they are illegal. So the harder the authorities go after them the more deaths are caused.

Why not legalise all drugs but restrict their usage, so they can be regulated, standardised, controlled and only given out to qualified addicts in a measured amount that ensures they don't go to far over board. Better than heaps of killings, power struggles and social destruction.

I know this would need to be monitored and tested,and I am willing to volunteer to help with any research required.

Yours sincerely,

Saturday, May 20, 2017

More Archives Found in Draft




Unfettered creativity is one of the most
powerful manifestations of subversion possible,
for it offers us all a taste of freedom.

don't believe us
we're all cultural prostitutes

abolish work
steal time

Passion destroyed is reborn in the passion for destruction

smash it up

destroy bourgeois culture

power to the people

question everything

poetry must be made by all and not by one
A taste for change, satisfied by a change of taste

Whatever doesn't kill power is killed by it

My heart still hurts from last night

Governments are failures.

Depression is the obvious extension of boredom in consumer capitalism

Just give me a black mask (?)

Boredom is always counter- revolutionary

a world for everybody

living has become reduced to the economy of space

Much more can be said on these matters. Go ahead

From the Archives (B-side release - lost in gmail draft)


*** From 26/06/2007 ***:

Newsflash: All debate will be halted temporarily* while free speech under goes a precautionary upgrade, (apologies for any inconvenience)

Are thoughts meant to be fun/torturous or just functional things to accomplish, means to an end? Because I'll tell you they get tricky to deal with at times, and you can see why people try to escape, well I guess we all do in minor ways, but the ultimate escape plan is really the most selfish, it may help you (or seem to) but really your just disembarking and leaving the other passengers with the fare. They will have to pick up all the excess baggage. So what if I abuse my metaphors, they never say exactly what I mean anyway. Isn't it better to be ambiguous and let others read between the lines? Notice I usually ask the questions instead of answering them. Someone promised easy answers.

Power struggles distract our focus from the true nature of reality, not continually maybe? More often at work or a competitive environment, we must always establish a hierarchy, make some winners, some losers and nobody is to question any uneven distributions because this is inherent inequality is built into the pyramid structure of society to punish the lazy and  reward the entrepreneurial, or speed up economic Darwinism I can't remember which...

Or maybe I've been watching too much $opranos (currently: S4 E2)

Provisional definition of religion: Spreading ignorance through fear!
Been rinsing out the new album by the editors, that can be previewed on myspizzle.
gigiddy gigiddy.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hey Now/You Won't Regret It

"The world won't cry

it's the end of you

The end is nigh"

Songs I've heard:
Only God Knows  - Leith Congregation Choir
All About Me - Syd
Give It To Me - Motte
Pan Am - Arms and Sleepers
Drug Dealer - Levelz
Humble - Kendrick
Snakes Vs Rats - The Bug vs Earth

All of the above courtesy of

Maybe Later?

Copper and Lead
butter that bread
Puss & Blood
fire then flood
Piss n Vinegar
shitzle similar

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Quick Start Guide

I guess I've got stuff to say, just not right now...

Disillusionment with the system and the people in control is pretty high right now
or is that just a constant thing?

I just can't understand how people can waste money and not get guilty feels about it...
I almost feel guilty enough at times about poverty, even though I wouldn't say I was rich
definitely somewhere in the middle classes..

But I guess just to keep some content flowing I'll make a few more lists of current crazes:

Song of the day: Fire - Justice
Show of the day: Atlanta

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mondays Drain/Test my Lifeforce

Wide Open (ft. Beck)

I don't like Religion, but I like churches

I don't like warfare, but I like fighter jets

I don't like me, but I like you

Over analyse this

It's slipping away from me...

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Post for the sake of posting...

Cos it seems that's the way it is these days lol yolo fml words mfw rofl soz...

Anyway, we all got opinions, some of them we just got
some of them we've had for like hours, maybe even days
but we all agree the one who is right is whoever yelled the loudest
and demonstrated the values of their viewpoints by viciously attacking
anyone who has a counter viewpoint or criticism, it's just science
listening to others makes you weak
man up and get your own viewpoint
from the best blow hard you can find
quick knee jerk reactions work well
and if you ever start to lose an argument...
just change to a different one
We are always right and they are always wrong
no middle ground anymore
you're either with us or against us

you can't steal an election if the Russians stole it for you
and if you didn't want them to steal it you're a fool
I have far more intelligence than all of the agencies
I am the least racist person I know
and I have all the best words

NB: If not clear the above is sort of ironic satire type jive and I think we could have the wrong people in control of our systems... but somehow they've cleverly split the poor in two in some kind of divide and command and conquer type scamario (which is a word I've made up and would like to claim, cos it's mine you bastards and I want you to use it but only if I get the credit!!!)

Ok it's a friggin scam mixed with a scenario, get it? So like a situation where we're being conned, or enough of us are to start turning back the clock on what seemed to be progressive democratic societies...

Looks like Keith Olbermann (sp?) has come out of hibernation to scream sweet nothings into the abyss...

The Sad Butcher

I like stuff, don't you?

Why don't I make lists of stuff?

That's pretty damn original you know.

Film of the week: Whiplash
Song of the week: Strong by London Grammar

New gadget of the week: My phone
Program of the Month: The Last Man On Earth

Game of the Month: Legendary
Station of the Year: Triple J

I'm scared there's so many people on earth that think in a really ignorant, short-sighted way...