Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Skankalicious with Cheese

While he/they/I/you was/were off trying to solve the worlds' problems/accomplish something,

they realised...

some/many/all/none had already been solved!

But (un)fortunately many new ones were created in the aftermath...
................which will now be recapped in bullet-point format:

  • like what to do with ourselves
  • spare time
  • priorities
  • needing money
  • doing things to get that paper
  • having that jay-ohh-bee take your time
  • having no time
  • retiring
  • having too much time again
  • but less paper
  • the end
so you see we either have far too much time
or no where near enough
never really in the middle
your all too old now
there's a younger generation
waiting to take your place
so they can stress about:
appropriate time-management
and other modern dilemmas...
of vital importance one moment
and absolutely none the next.

Have fun you fallas but don't muck it up for the rest of us eh!
(well only in your experimental adolescent phase, but then u get right back on track, ya hear!)

You can get back to licking stamps now, if for some reason that was what you were up to when you started reading this post?? You weirdo...

Monday, February 08, 2010

The Rambonator

Promises, promises...

i'D quite like to go to the US sometime in the not too distant future, cos that place has influenced the shit out of me... with its TV and its movies and its music... its products and commercials...
all over the place everywhere, more than any other stuff
shit i musta grown up on a mix of like 50% (or more?) American content on telly, not that I really noticed nationalities as a child, ohh not to forget the stuff from the UK and Australia (both sorta US copies and wannabes in their own way...) that padded the rest of our seemingly national identity vacuum... before we got-over ourselves in the noughties and realised we're quite a buch of funny buggers who have met the odd famous chap at the airport...

so does that make me culturally like at least 20% American even tho I ain't been? Well no cos it's really just a big homogeneous mix of other cultures anyway, but we forget all cultures came from somewhere else, and were usually influenced by what came before, whether were talking contemporary culture influenced/spread by the net or ancient societies writing on cave walls,
it (their/our culture) all draws from what is around it, or what it comes into contact with, e.g other things that are not itself...
all borders are bullsh*t.
we discover what is uniquely ourselves by experiencing or witnessing things that we haven't seen before, or haven't been exposed to...
we are all related, if u go back far enough.