Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On with the Show!

New Lease on Life after brush with death!

Just to show some of my other talents/interests...
here's a pic of a 1000 piece Jig-saw I finished in less than a week!
Ohh what a week that was... a full-on jig-saw fest, the carnage.
Man fast cars, movie stars and jig saws... such a vicious combination!
So many have fallen into this trap.
Belushi, Phoenix, the list goes on…

Can I get out before I'm in too deep?
I'm thinking of starting another one soon...

Can you spot the missing piece?

Yeah , well we can't find that piece so if you see it send it in...

Honour is only among thieves... only hurts when I laugh!

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Tim said...

Additional generic blog compliment Gerard!