Monday, June 25, 2007

Personal Worst

Trying to Impress am I? I could go about it in other ways...
well this next bit might annoy you
as it glitches around and
jumps from one idea to another
Some things I just had to post
and then forget or repeat forever.
Just skip past it if you want

Everything breaks down to smaller particles
we are a collection of atoms that collected together
and will eventually scatter again...
no matter how hard we fight against it
not that I'm saying we should let that stop us.

we are the flippant
we are the remorseful
we are the unexcited
we are the hypnotised
we are the unintended
we are the unmotivated
we are the divided
we are the institutionalised
we are the forbidden
we are the downtrodden
we are the insightful dreamers
we are the wishful thinkers
we are the revolution
we are the apathetic
we are the byproduct
we are the outcome
we are the mind
we are the body
we are the soul
we are the unborn
we are the dead

Birth death money politics religion
there's no power without control
and no control without power
It's not just good it's great depression
How many people convert religions on their doorstep?
Micheal Jackson pop king of sick f**king country.
collection of contradiction
compulsive dilemma's
sordid road to truth

format dictates content
upset the philosophical applecart
bring it sucka

mere myth then man
more myth than man

up down front load
chain store saw smoke
race day horse car

corporate manslaughter
screw the system
mixed messages baby

Rudimentary moral code that is vague yet flexible:

Priorities v impulses
intentions v actions
survival v instinct
necessity v greed
individual rights v the rights of everyone else

You can do whatever you want
but it is best not to
Just leave it alone mate
the world never sleeps

breakdown averted.

Sunsets Vs. Rooftops

Here are links to pics I have taken in recent times
along the way...

Pleasing isn't necessary but can be rewarding
goes around, comes around.

Be Part of the Future!

Are thoughts meant to be fun/torturous or just functional things to accomplish, means to an end? Because I'll tell you they get tricky to deal with at times, and you can see why people try to escape, well I guess we all do in minor ways, but the ultimate escape plan is really the most selfish, it may help you (or seem to) but really your just disembarking and leaving the other passengers with the fare. They will have to pick up all the excess baggage. So what if I abuse my metaphores, they never say exactly what I mean anyway. Isn't it better to be ambiguous and let others read between the lines? Notice I usually ask the questions instead of answering them. Someone promised easy answers.

Power struggles can distract our focus from the true nature of reality, not continually maybe? More often at a workplace, club, school, family or other competitive environment, we must always establish a hierarchy, make some winners, some losers and nobody is to question any uneven distributions because this is inherent inequality is built into the pyramid structure of society to punish the lazy and reward the entrepreneurial, or speed up economic Darwinism I can't remember which...

Or maybe I've been watching too much $opranos (currently: S4 E2)

Provisional definition of religion: Spreading ignorance through fear!
Been rinsing out the new album by the editors, that can be previewed on myspizzle.
gigiddy gigiddy.

You came on your own, that's how you will leave...
Down with eQuality! Long live Little Bush!
*Cannot be guranteed

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Deeply thoughtified funk soul brother

Deeply thoughtified funk soul brother

Whatever I write it could be a complete load of crap or it could be worth reading. It may appeal to something deep within you, although it may be really boring or totally untrue or really about something quite simple that you learnt a while ago that is not really interesting. But what have you got to lose? Its not like I can take knowledge away from you is it? I can't make you forget something utterly useful or condemn you to a life of boredom. Only myself. Happy travels. Amen, in a non-religious way.

repartition is for suckers, except me
repetition is for suckers, except me
reputation is for suckers, except me

as seen off TV

(p.s as you might have guessed the only purpose of that title was to grab attention/turn away undesirables, not that I'M elitist, I just don't care for riff-Raff, pop charts, boy bands, reality TV (actually I've been sucked in by a few (even the trump)so i must realise on some level that I am just as shit as any other sucker on the orbiting globe) ludicris claims, the past, the present and everything/nothing kinda ying yang complicated type situations that aren't fulfilling.

Not everyone particularly likes change, to put it mildly. In fact some people are down right petrified of it, and therefore act confrontationally toward it. Of course it might be pleasing in some ways if nothing ever changed, offering us comfort and stability. That would make nostalgia a bit irrelevant, but anyway, the fact is change is constant and anything we do to halt change will only be temporary. So our basic choice is learn to go with the flow, or exhaust yourself by fighting against the current.

I don't care if you have read it before...
Where is my cheese?

Drift away...


Unconfirmed Source:
My computer

I am not advertising french cars for any gain to myself or the Transformers.

cybertron out.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

society's sanctimonious soul

long and legendary laundry list of individuals who were summarily sacrificed in the name of society's sanctimonious soul...

Judge a man by the size of his enemies.

are we taught to fear what's different to us, or what's different to the majority?


I don't always have to make sense!