Monday, June 20, 2016

Dead blogs and Neurotic fogs

Continual minor stress
always in the background
thinking it's all bullshit
but still caring too much
you know you shouldn't

Measuring yourself against
standards that don't exist
knowing it's a game
but still playing by their rules
self-imposed restrictions

Tearing yourself down
piece by piece
dreading it all
wondering why
you can't just stop

Listening to the fear
unless you're distracted
is that the best we can do
find the best distractions
and hope for the best?

Finding faults is easy
seeing truth is hard
living for tomorrow
because of yesterday
why not now?

Thinking you know better
but finding out you don't
contemplating everything
understanding nothing
caught in your own trap

Delaying and dismaying
being ruled by perception
limitations you place on yourself
holding patterns of the mind
cramping your own style