Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sequel to an Earlier Post

Don't search for meanings...

Unless you want the answers.

These are of not much value...
just part of my alliteration game!

Compiled from a bunch of short messages sent
electronically to unsuspecting suburbanites
minding their own business...

  • Mondays make many men melancholy, maybe measuring meaningless milestones misuses mind matter merely made momentous.
  • Pen pushing parliamentarians promoting prescribed privileges, prevent partisan politics progressing past pending pollution problems.
  • Fully functional flutes float fittingly for fictional flamingos filtered first fortnightly from Frankenstein's facial features.
  • Impending implosion imminent in incomplete indices imbibed as informal infant is intending invitation in inner-city.
  • Stubborn seasonal snow scatters slick slush, slowly surrounding schools signalling snowboarding seriousness semi socially.
  • Cancerous cretins create carnage concerning Christchurch choirs casually corralling cows caught causing continuing concern currently.
  • Tarnished through teen touching trout, townies trek tenaciously toward trails topically; touting today, tomorrow, Timaru!
  • Bold Bikers bristle by bouncing boobs bobbing blustery beside bible bashing by-law bunny boilers building beastly bemusement.
  • Wee Willie-winky won't work whilst world wars wake worried warriors who Wiki's worldwide web wasted.
  • Madman Mugabe's mercenary minions monstrously milk mankind's murderous military mindset.
  • Vindictive Veitch virtually vetoes visual viewings of violence verification
  • Polite principles place pickled Peters' petty payment processes publicly poised, post partial parody publicity postponement policy.
  • Failed finance firms fall foul, finally forcing frugal folks from Foxton to focus faintly for fickle feeding frenzy.
  • Despite defiant Dan's determination Dingo Deans destroyers dented and denied dynamic defence deployment.
  • Consistent committed competitors chance considerable Chinese chaos to contest convincingly in corporate controlled competition.
  • Promo pylon parking prevents possible pioneers perverting pink postcard piking, puking and plastering prostitutes.
  • Amiable Austin's animated alliteration assuages Auckland acquaintance's anxiety.
As always additional access accelerated.

For John, Dillon and William!

Thought Grenades for the Delirious

Definitions for the cynical:
(warning may offend the close minded*)

Religion - Organised Ignorance
Addiction - Perpetual self-martyrdom
Excuses - Outward Denial
Apathy - Mental Stagnation

(any additional entries for this new dictionary welcomed)

Cheesy Lessons for the Learned:

democracy counts heads
not what's in them

Hope for the best
plan for the worst
(*or the easily offended)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fade to Grey

Just to let you know...

I'm all* better now after the outbursts in the previous posts. Thanks for asking... Cheers, for all the concern over the depressed, attention-seeking ramblings of two weeks ago. These were necessary for personal development reasons, that you may now know of, if you know my non-digital real world equivalent form. But highly irrelevant to all others. Apologies and congratulations for the achievements that I'm sure you have accomplished due to personal suffering. So not to sound overly optimistic, but lets do all we can to make ourselves happy, by making others happy in a long term fashion, not short term. As we all seem so focused on the now, I know that is technically all we have. As past and future are merely abstract concepts that only exist in the mind and some documented records. But a focus on upcoming events and goals is far better than just living for today. I think I'm turning slightly evangelical, though I have no believe or connection to any religion or belief system established by others. Sermon complete.

Just watched Se7en the David Fincher movie again today, and that is still as good as it ever was over 10 years ago! Exact same applies to Pulp Fiction, except obviously it's a Tarantino flick.

*I now we are never ALL better, or else we would have nothing to improve on!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Movie Within a Movie (Warning: Explicit Language)

My precious ego needs pandering.

Manipulate the system, before it manipulates you!

The world wasn't made for me, so I have to change it as I am able to
or accept my own limitations and move on.

How can you relate to others, if you can't relate to your self?

The only shit thing about being unique is you have little in common with others.

Negativity feeds off itself, as does positivity.

We are all prostitutes, just not all for sex!

We we're all thinking it.

Please forgive me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Dark Passenger Whispering

The ever-living ghost of what once was

They worm their way in then they shut you out

hope for the best plan for the worst

I'm not realistic I'm just bitter

Deconstruction of Individual Identity

Who is

Luther Blissett?

Find out for yourself...

(the eternal oscillation of human fortune)

Friday, August 15, 2008

After Life Management

Sunshine and Lollipops
(Or The meaning of Life part II*)

Can all spiritual experiences be explained in a scientific context?

Not denying the existence of a god but allowing for an alternative that makes the validity of a higher power irrelevant. Part of a great plan, a great cosmic reality, devoid of petty details that only have relevance in a limited context. There are infinite perceptions of reality but only one that matters, yours.

Hard to imagine, even harder to believe...
Mystical experiences = meaningfulness
Self-exploration = Therapy
Love myself and in doing so love mankind

There is no self, we're all just part of the universe, life is filled with meaning and importance. You just have to see it. Become something more than yourself. Find value in people instead of distancing yourself. Find who you are and why you live.

Explanation of all life or a feeling that shows it didn't really matter either way, due to stimulation of the right temporal lobe? Are shared experiences of seeing a "light" or a vortex proof of an afterlife, or just the final functions of a dying brain, consciousness does not depend on a functioning brain.

Out of darkness into light, ignorance to understanding...

(*mostly sourced from a documentary about studies into the brain activity of people who have near-death expericences)

Coping Stratagem

"Ours perceptions are more important than our reality...

I am fine... I just lost my mind

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Critical Meltdown

Troubled Individual Seeks Similar
My first big break (down)
This is where it got a little dark...

a jumbled mess of feelings and thoughts that will have very little meaning to all but a skip this one if you are in the mood for laughs, I just had to put it here so I could calm myself.

some tried to warn me, some couldn't see
I was in a spiral of self destruction
I had ideas above my station
I was not motivated to achieve
I was meant for something else
I was meant to be someone else
I was acting like someone else
I now don't know who I am
I am struggling

waiting around for nothing
something else may never come
others won't do it for you
if you don't act for yourself

I search for meanings never there
but life goes charging on
stop seeking out the answers
if questions are meaningless
the more you dig the less you know
and the pursuit may finish you

one person in particular saw it everyday
I ignored the warnings and now I have to pay

the worst form of torture
I developed in my mind
used only against myself
friendly fire is unkind

ignored misused and abused for so long
my mental notes became volumes of guilt
But my mind remembers it all
this could haunt me for some time

I wish I could forget or at least not regret
so now I get to rebuild in another way

The Straw That broke the Camel's Back...

I wasn't really coping but couldn't tell anyone
now I'm still not coping but don't have to lie
we have to hit bottom before we can be saved

no one to blame but myself
you were right
and I was wrong

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Suspension of Disbelief

This world of circulating life and death blinds the enraptured mortals from the immortal realm of the artistic and spiritual.

I can feel them floating around me...

Saturday, August 02, 2008