Friday, April 23, 2010

You have to catch up sometime

We all have to catch up sometime, indeed!

Lyrics I liked:

I'm not as crazy as I used to be...

Next time baby, I'll be bulletproof.

Something I thought:

Both the cultural and physical world, independently consist of hierarchies of power structures, which are constantly being challenged. Everything is fighting each other in some way, or in a state of potential tension awaiting a spark.

Recently Recommended Album-type downloads/you may have purchase:
( working...)

Los Angeles- Flying Lotus
Hinterland - Aim
Wolf cub/Moth - Burial/Four Tet
Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian - Prefuse 72
Hard To Earn - Gangstarr
Buffallo -The Phoenix Foundation
Weapons of Self Destruction - Robin Williams
Crazy yes. Dumb No (Enright House Remix) -The Mint Chicks
Lets go fucking mental - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Crackhouse 5 EP
Sexual Healing - Hot 8 Brass band
Making Up A Changing Mind - PrettyLights
Arch Hill Recordings 10th Anniversary Album (sampler)
An End Has A Start - Editors
Flash Delirium - MGMT

What am I ya _ (insert one of following here...)_
  • mother
  • crack dealer
  • poisonous dessert topping
  • adulterous uncle
  • drinking buddy
  • 6th rate cowboy
  • adventurous lover
  • only link to the outside world
  • lost my train of thought
  • sorry did I break your concentration?
  • band camp
  • flute lesson
I haven't even seen that movie...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I am Stupid. You can too!

The old lookalike, lost at birth, being funny but really being nasty oh dear deal, gag type thing. Aren't you glad the internet is used for such important informational crapola?


Local Joke for those that don't know:
jokes aren't always funny
sometimes they are politicians...
who like the odd power grab
to help out their rich mates, mate.