Monday, June 19, 2006

The Pit of Distraught.

Contradict myself more than I agree
Too many complications to be bothered with
Not even really pursuing what you want
Subconsciously sabotaging your own enterprises
Well that’s me!
Hate each other for the same reasons
And rhymes
Fell like I want to end it
But unsure of what follows
A bit like a gamble:
Stick with what you have?
Or… give that up for something…
That could be even worse
If I’m so fucken smart why can’t I do anything to stop it?
I can analyse the shit out of everything…
But I still fucken hate myself or something about my life.
I push you away cos I fear that I’ll let you down…
But the truth is far less noble.
I have no fucken excuse…
I am the lowest of the lowest of the low…
Homo sapien! Earth inhabitant!
Constant Warrior.
I’d love to blame consumerism,
The commodification of life, labour, etc
But it has always been me.
Lone Worrier...
Stupid Evil Arsehole.
(You can fucken talk…)
To end on such a sour note?
Bane of contention, bone of confusion?
Awkward, tangled webs of horrible,
Twisted, messy, lonesome…
Moan, moan, fucken moan!
(eat it, cry it, send us a postcard!)
Why can’t I escape my bullshit?
What is the point of doing well at one part of life?
If another part slides down into chaotic shambles?
I don’t even care anymore (what a lie!)
Repetitive reputation.
Slide down to absolute pathetic nothingness!
Without the conflict you’re nothing!
Fight or inertia?
Anger is an energy begging for attention,
Until it succeeds, then the begging turns to demanding…
Energy, emotion, force, Death causation…

Lull in psychic tension...
Qualitive not Quantitive...


Anonymous said...

Child of our time,
light of my life

love will tear us apart.

Tim said...

Is this you finally coming out of the closet?

other said...

dear napoleanite
hope/judging eyes/big ideas should be FUCKED like a star star star
look around the torture maze and laugh with(or at)your inmates
paths of fantastically glorious defeat we shall crawl
d'you wanna wowwypop?
ps.when i grow up i want to be superman