Friday, December 07, 2007

The Worst Title in the History of Blogging...

It fully all happened and if you didn't notice that's cool
'cos you will, and it may happen again in a different form
or in a replicating fashion of sorts...
yeah so sorry if you got lost
but catch up already
we ain't waiting round for long
get with it
based on meaningless data
under the sea?
the individual can do anything that is not prohibited
the state can do only what is authorized
monkey see monkey do
less is more love is blind
stay away
God is gay
burn the flag
your ad here
kiss me I'm shot faced
how can you eat your whatever
when you ain't kissed your somebody
shit on me when you feel like will you mate
well I only wanted to prove a point that wasn't real
sorry if I got distracted by the bigger picture by proxy
sense and meaning are completely and utterly overrated...

reform reform reform

center-left revolt of joy!

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