Sunday, December 09, 2007

Monotone Dialogue Tricycle Quadrant Quintet

Loaded Questions?

The following are multi-choice questions to determine how well you can pick between four alternative answers that may have no definitive 'correct' answer. Enjoy....

If I tend to avoid physical conflict at all costs, am I...?

(A) A coward
(B) A pacifist
(C) Employing a body guard
(D) Lucky to be alive

If I have 'feelings' I am... ?

(A) Sensitive
(B) Conflicted
(C) Letting my guard down
(D) Probably taking things too seriously

If I have an inherent distrust of humans, I am...?

(A) An Alien
(B) A Terrorist
(C) A historian
(D) Observant

If I don't like something I should...?

(A) Complain quietly to myself until i go insane with frustration
(B) Tell people about it in my 'blog' or 'youtube' postings
(C) Co-ordinate non-violent protest actions
(D) Take up arms against the state

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