Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Next Episode

All on for young and old....

The only things that are infinite are the universe
and human stupidity.
But I'm not too sure about the universe.

And there are also:
time, death, taxes, etc...

working to eat? Or eating to work?
making yourself a useful productive tool of the establishment yet?
Oh well I mean consciously of course, as you could hardly help it these days.
A distorted view of history continues to be the basis of our morals.
If we don't get in tune with our surroundings rather than ourselves.
Well I don't know exactly I can only speculate wildly or make something up.
Hopefully creative or worthwhile enough to be preserved for posterity where no one will read it.
Well not for a while, when I've already gone on to the next fad or passing craze
The devine comedy and cosmic drama proceeds unabated?
Now that's just reaching...

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