Monday, November 13, 2006

In heaven everything is fine!

The ongoing Ideological battle between Individualism and collectivism...

How can people be so friggin' cruel? Wasn't it said that a society can be judged by how it treats it's most destitute and disadvantaged citizens?
"Oh but humans have to make the most of what we have, so we should reward those that can be the most greedy, this will increase the overall efficiency of the market, and as a side effect reduce the over-population problem amoungst the poor and inefficient! Survival of the fittest! let them sort themselves out, individualism, isolation, xenophobia... it is God's will!"
Yeah well it doesn't give you the right to be a c**t! Why can't you have some compassion or sympathy? Or is that to socialistic for you in our market system?

"Can those values be graphed?"

Woah a week just went past... and all I did was Youtube...

It has just been made official that everything can now be viewed.
Including everytime you have ever been to the toilet or to an
eating establishment, police-station or office...
Man, I never knew girls fought each other so much until I searched
for girl fights. But seriously, is nothing sacred anymore? No!
Ohhh well thats good we can all get over ourselves once and for all,
and not fight about who's prophet is who's son...

other search topics not recommended:
riots, plane/car crashes, Kevin Federline (sorry K-Fed)

That is all, for now...

*Rodney King

Monday, November 06, 2006

Bill O'Reilly eats children... (and minorities)

Free Hugs from Sick Puppies....

Just been trawling through the massive abyss that is Youtube…
(who hasn't)
Here are a few things I found that weren’t crap…
And some that were…)

Thought I'd share a few of my recommendations out loud:
I warn you: Time will pass and you may not notice.

If you don't know who Bill O'Reilly is and would like to hate him too:

...and if you get bored of that there are always school yard fights and bad ads to peruse!

Like Choirs? check out... 'heartbeats' has a nice video too...




Vicious lies and spouting my opinion:

I do not endorse violence, unless its humourous
or directed against someone that isn't me...

Can anyone tell me why Bill O'Reilly is not dead yet? Surely with so many guns around someone could do us all a favour? He is the devil's bitch on earth or something. Why is it only the right-wing nuts get to assassinate people. I am not really avocating his murder, even though approximately 60% of what he says is crap. But if someone wants to blow up Fox "News" (loose use of the word news) and not blame me, I would be slightly happier... Imagine Alex Jones and Bill O'Reilly in a Bare-knuckle brawl! Except Alex gets 2 grenades and a flamethrower... Im not really evil, but like everyone I have objects of hatred and things I wish did not exist, and I'm really sick of the right-wing agenda, that's running the world... Fox "News " can be funny for a laugh though...

mind is a razorblade

Typical Fox Commentary:

Situation #1: Repubican politician shoots someone accidentally.
"Nice shot, now lets get over it!"

Situation #2: Democrat politician talks about troops overseas.
Comments: From these comments we can assume that the Democrats seem to want to free Saddam, make America into a giant sex shop, ensure abortions are mandatory, use stem cell research to spread homosexuality and make all religion into communism.

p.s Can someone please tell Jay-Z what retirement means?

p.p.s Thanks Kerry for giving the GOP a chance (ar$ehole!)
You must be Bush's Cousin!

B A A R R R - - z z z Z Z I N G ! !

~ @ # $ % @ $ !~

Just getting it out there


Culture of Fear

Caught between Iraq and a hard place....

Well now that old Saddam has been dealt to looks like a happy ending for everybody...
yeah right!

Oh except for the pesky *almost* civil war between the rival Sunni and Shitte factions, which I believe (if not purposely sparked by Western influence) is being encouraged.
(I obviously have no proof of this, so feel free not to believe me, but check out the articles and it seems pretty pretty suspect...)
Even the way the 'show' trail of old beardy is portrayed in the media,
frames it as battle between old and new power in Iraq, e.g. the old Sunni's who were on top are gonna pay for keeping the shitte's down for so long. So yeah go at it fellas, kill each other for Uncle Sam, same as they do in Compton. Shitte vs. Sunni, might as well be Crips n' Bloods. Just get the groups you fear/despise to do the dirty work themselves, all you have to do is blow up a few mosques.
Divide and conquer yeee har!

By the way I don't blame America itself, like all countries your powerful elite and ruling Government have got you in the dark, while they plan their next move(s)...
People, people, people...