Monday, April 30, 2012


Shower Scene: (experiment in extremely-short storytelling)

Gavin turned on the shower and watched as the water fell suddenly to the whiteness below. Splashing quickly then sliding down the drain out of sight like it had been waiting ready for that exact moment. An army of H2O propelling itself forward, each soldier parachuting out to accomplish its mission. He often had silly thoughts like this while he waited for things, it seemed like life involved a lot of 'waiting', where you can't do anything for one moment or so, then the system reboots gifting you a million options but bugger all time to use them. The water reached maximum hotness, so he adjusted the temp to just the right status and jumped on in.

After the initial acclimatisation and joy of the hot water, the shampoo and soap routine can begin. Showers are one of those simple pleasures that never gets boring, just one of those mindless daily things we all do and never find the need to really discuss. Because, well, the aim is simple: get clean. Not something you need to over-think. But that is one of those nice wee ironies of life, over-thinkers don't get to choose what they over-think about. So on the odd occasion they may find that they end up analysing the mundane, the banal, the stuff that everybody else just got on with, without being curious. It didn't happen all the time of course, but sporadically Gavin would get stuck in obscure thoughts. Like when did people first start taking showers and how serious historically, were humans, about hygiene. Apparently only a few generations back whole families shared bathwater, but in modern times it seems almost abnormal not to shower daily. Not that he'd done a survey or anything, but he could just tell by looking around at the people in his office that with the amount of bodily preparation they attended to they must shower everyday to achieve this. Sometimes he could skip a day on a weekend, but never more than one in a row, his hair and by default his forehead just got too greasy for his liking. This was partially behind the reasoning for his new 'shower at night' routine, which was current being trialled. You see if Gavin washed his hair in the morning before work, he felt like it went a bit dry and sort of fluffy, which he disliked. But if he didn't wash it his hair would get a bit oily. So the solution that seemed to work was to wash it at night and then wake up with bed hair, but because his hair was quite short the bed hair looked like it was meant to be that way.

He realised his mind had drifted off as he finished washing the remaining soap off and getting those last few blasts of hot water at the face. In a moment he would unfortunately turn the water off and reach out for the towel located close by. Dry off and go to bed. But for some reason it just seems more natural to shower in the morning, he guessed because he uses it as a way to wake up...


Alan Partridge Ah-haa

Knowing me, knowing you:
insulting the guests
and accidentally alienating the audience

In the funniest way possible!

Was just explaining to someone the other day, 
how funny that was.

Hook Me Up

Without a fixed point of anchor, we would all drift out to sea...
I'm worse off by myself, I prefer your help

Play. Film. Story. Project. War. Meal.

Famous for being  famous
Disaster within a disaster
Party inside a party
Crisis sandwich

Palindrome of swirling chaos

I may be a little sad, but I'm not like full blown pissed off

But maybe that would help sometimes...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Honey and Vinegar Realty

the tackiness of commerce
we all just let it happen...
won't let you trick me twice
the inevitability of economic progress
the intention to continue to be
some gave all, all gave some
drift to oblivion

I don't know what I want but i want it now
don't be sorry, just be better.

we have things to do before we sleep

don't stop me now
keep it unreal

"All hobbies suck, but if you stick at it for long enough you might kill some precious time."
"Coin collecting is just like life, it stopped being fun a long time ago."
-Homer J. Simpson

Empathy vs. Sympathy vs. Apathy

“So far, I am having real trouble making up names for my characters. Ok I am actually also having trouble giving the characters characteristics too. Then it’s thinking of what will happen to them… like do I make it plot driven or character driven? Everything has to have an arc, doesn’t it?”

Steve was pondering starting his creative written exercises again, but he didn’t know where to start. Tony breathed out his bong hit and passed it back to Steve. But before he started his next toke Steve continued with his frustration:
“Like does everything have to be significant? I know my dialogue is gonna sound phony as hell, and when I use the word phony, I’m always tempted to throw a couple of goddamns in there… and I haven’t even read ‘catcher’ in years.” He was about to light up but instead continued his thought rant.

“Like do I try to give them names that mean something or just make them into strong characters, so that that carries the meanings I want to express? But if I keep up all this overthinking, I will never start writing anything, that’s all I know for sure right now.”

They were sitting on the couch again, talking about what they could be doing; instead of actually doing it, as debate and conjecture seemed far easier than actually doing stuff. It was just after sunset and they had finished work for the day. As Steve finally had his next toke, Tony broke the conversational silence. “I always wanted to name a character ‘Dean Moriarty’, but would that be pretentious?” He blurted out.

Steve almost choked in a mild fit of laughter. Then sniped back...
“Pretentious? Why don’t you just write a list of the books you’ve read instead, or name your work: ‘Please Associate Me with Kerouac, ‘cos he was Famous.’  You have only read ‘On The Road” anyway.”
Tony was only ever so slightly embarrassed at Steve’s derision.  And chimed back “Have you ever tried to read his other stuff? I just don’t have a big enough pharmaceutical collection to find the significance of a drunken Buddhist.”
                “Harsh call bro” Retorted Steve.
                “No I don’t mean the man no disrespect or anything like that. I mean, I guess you need to have a harsh life or some pretty heavy shit go down on you, before you can really write what you feel. And same goes for understanding it, like you can sympathise all you like, but you’ll never really empathise with the truth of it all.” Tony's' thoughts seemed to trail off into the distance as he realised the significance of his own statement. Steve took over the conversation, back on his own train of thinking. “It seems like it would be way easier to write a song or a comic, than write a whole book. I mean you can just sketch the outlines and let people pile whatever meaning they want into your holes of ambiguity. But with a novel you have to give the reader almost everything. Usually a backstory, strong character types that English teachers can analyse in 50 years’ time and a plot that perfectly unfolds slowly throughout the chapters and then draws you right in at the end. It’s just too much to think about, and I don’t even know what I want my characters to say or do. I don’t even know what message I want to give my audience, if any.”

Tony tried to tame this burden of significance that Steve was creating. “Maybe you could just start with a short story with two characters, having a bit of a chat?’”
                “Well I could do that, but who the fuck would want to read that kind of bollocks Tony?”
                “Just stick it up on the internet somewhere, there’s so many bored people out there looking for distractions from their own dramas, they will read anything. Well you know what I mean.”
                “Cheers man, that is like ultra-comforting indeed. I can imagine the critical comments that would generate. I mean have you noticed how much everyone seems to argue on the net? It’s like everyone just enjoys having a big whinge and a tearing other people’s ideas down these days. Or just blatantly insulting people for perceived homosexuality or that whole 'go-back-to-where-you-come-from' crap.”
                “I told you not to read the comments on YouTube dickhead.  Haters always gonna hate dude. Can't stop that, like war and glaciers. Death and taxes... But anyway, forget the criticism, I mean everyone has to start from somewhere, even if your first few attempts are absolute bullshit. ”
                “I repeat ultra –comforting man, have you thought of being a guidance counsellor or something? The general enthusiasm generating machine you are!”
                “I already work in a call centre; everyone unloads their emotional shit all over you, even if they have called the wrong phone number.”  
They both started laughing and looked outside as a plane flew off into the distance. “But in all seriousness how awesome would it be to create characters, people actually cared about?”
“I’m sure they will have shitty names though.  Or just sound like it's me having a conversation with myself in my head though, so what’s the point in reading or even writing that? I will just try for total deconstruction anyway. Pulling all the atoms apart, without ever fixing a molecule. Words slicing through the pretence but really just in a practice way, anyway. With no greater meaning keeping it together, just a grab-bag cluster of extinct references of stuff from the previous century and occasionally this one. Boring!”
“Dude, who are you?”
“Founding member of over-thinkers anonymous.”
“Nuff said…” They smiled at the dusk and thought of the hills and beyond, in the least cheesiest way possible, but no plot twists ensued for fear of clich├ęd overuse and it definitely wasn't all a dream.   

Friday, April 06, 2012

Social Critic

Going Viral...
A note I found from a while ago said:
Life is Beautiful
Perception is Reality
Parihaka not Guy Fawkes
Investigate the Truth
Question Authority
Be the best you can
Other stuff I wrote down said:
Gotta love material wealth
In an urban context
Pump and Dump
We all just let it happen...
Won't let you trick me twice
Nostalgia just ain't the same these days...
Enjoy the Journey!
Life is Messy
Don't worry so much,
about the past
and the future
Live in the now.
Boredom or suffering?
Your choice