Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Dark side of the Rainbow...

"A lasting Testament to behavioural knowledge"

Work toward Non-specific goals!

“It’s a very dangerous thing to do exactly what you want to do”

Feel sorry for yourself… no one else will!

Transcend Normal vision

Life is a state of mind.

Nobody knows what death is… doesn’t stop us fearing it.

Why would any one do whatever they want? Isn’t it obvious?

Commerce will rule us all!
The "baby boomers" privatised the world and stole it from their children, in a callous period of inter-generational warfare. Rebelled against the comfortable conformity inherited from their scarred parents, who made it through the depression and war years, the only way they could. Spat in their faces, as they were given the world on a silver platter… betrayed us all with their empty sentiments and hypocritical ambitions. Counter culture becomes tool of oppression. Buy. Sell. Buy. Sell. Give it. Take it.
(Fuck the late Eighties and Nineties…)

Sustainability my ar$e...

Anti-corporate propaganda for resigned conformists. Unsung zeros.

“Everyone I know is the fight of their lives…”

Alliterate a litter arty Literati (Tongue twisted by tripe?)

“News” Headlines (of the future!):

Secluded Shiite shut-in seduced by stealth symmetry of semantic science system.

Winged walker wanes on wanton wilderness winking at wastage water workers.

Nothing new necessary nature not nearly naming neither notable Neanderthal nutrients on national news nobody needs.

Big business blaming Buddha’s blessings a blanket blow by building bridges beyond barren buzzwords.

Heaving humour humble high handed heathens hold hostage heedlessly heroic hi-jinx.

Folding fun fingered folk-heroes finding foundations fantastically fickle for faulty feats at fancy feasts forever flailing forgetfulness.

Crowds of cynics clean classic church claptrap consistently clinging to clueless conditioning calumniation confidentially.

Missing most mindless minutes of maddening mingling, mutes maiden moon missions to mars movie mishap mockery

Turning terrible times totally to tarnished taletellers torturing terrorist to tame tricky turnout from tribal talk of teen tragedy

Insurgent Iranians in Iraq insist on incrementally instrumental imitation isolation of initiation institutions, indecently immoral and industrial.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Unfamilar Territory

it is a new way!
whole new deal...
unlike what has been before,
not similar or related to:
past experiences/desires.
not comparable/
you won't be able to describe/categorise;
you might have fear/cynacism/greed
or improvise accordingly!
unlike what you have had before,
it has all changed...
what was here, has gone
your stuff has been moved!
change is everywhere...
adjustment may be required,
you may be required to change:
how you think/act/feel.
more like others than yourself?
unlike what you were told as a kid!
destroying your (mis)conceptions...
contradicting what your thought was real.
cognitive he@dfu(k/
distorted perception,
illusion of stability....
why did we not realise?
who told us we'd get what we wanted?
-> good would overcome evil?
--> those we loved would survive?
---> respect was worth something to strangers?
----> truth is undisputed?
(some b@st@rds)

Important Update #61

Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather Blather hahaha ha ha

ummm... yes i always do what i'm told aswell!

'This is the sound of settling!'

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Inflammatory Rhetoric for uncertain times...

(Arousing passion or strong emotion, especially anger, belligerence, or desire.)
(Language that is elaborate, pretentious, insincere, or intellectually vacuous)
Looking for the answers? Or running from the questions?
(i'll stop raping the dictionary soon, i think)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Acknowledge Your Limitations (it may help you later)

Traffic Lighters

Cloud Races

Dust Brother

More Middle-class Alienation for the Masses:

"I don't want, what you want.
I don't feel, what you feel."
...Deal with it!

Dissent is not Treason.
scepticism is not unpatriotic.

I love my country... but i think we need to see other people.

Who knows what i'll plagiarise next?
(take without referencing from someone else's writing or speech; of intellectual property)

if they catch me they can sue me!
( To institute proceedings against (a person) for redress of grievances)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This does not mean a thing (i promise) ~Sigmund

Any real intro to myself would have to include these phrases: 'likes to say things that you won't enjoy, but may come of some comfort later"/"you have to think about momentarily to gain full understanding of...",
"likes to be ironic and/or sarcastic when interacting with other humans"/"likes old buildings, artifacts, denials, confessions of a past forgotten/remembered in contempt/nostalgia. e.g. The past will find us out, dude! totally inappropiate time to say: righteous! slogans galore...
Rock on with someone's bad self, shared hate is common love. Mother-sheizing fruit hole a rama achoo bang bang on a mat up here.
What am I? Procrastination station. If this keeps up i'll have so many/much more nothing(s)! Then we'll spoil the victors and dig up the vanquished! Spray out opinions till nobody listens! Who has won now? Not an attempt to assert moral superiority over other psudo-intellectuals. A message does not have to be hidden to be sumbiminal...

Just came out really
you tell me what it means Please

Nothing, Everything; usual shizz...

connected with the rhythm and the vibe?

democracy is only a word if the people are starving,

hostile indians we name our summer camps for you.

your going home in a farking ambulance

media: the fourth branch of the Government!

the west fu(ked the middle East and had a demon child

never a pen at the right time, not when the ideas flow

who knows what the(y) could do next?

day to day aimlessly drifting....

Over thinkers of the world Unite!

Leave me out of your plot,
I'll dig my own grave!
lined up and shot
or live like a slave?
low paid workers,
making high priced goods...
don't tell me about the trees,
when you can't see the woods!

(its only gonna cause a scene...)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Depth Perception

"The World is ruled by control freaks"

The most important thing is that we find someone to blame!
Then maybe after we've spent copious amounts of time doing that
we could maybe spend a quick minute finding a solution, no biggie if we don't...
just as long as we have someone or something
to blame...

Complete this phrase:

"I blame...."

(a) George W. Bush (or his dad)
(b) Terrorists/insurgents/people with nothing left lose
(c) Myself
(d) Humanity as a whole
(e) Maybe issues a more complicated then thay may seem and blame is not the most healthy response, and instead we should spend our time attempting to overcome obstacles and set backs which seem destined to occur reguardless of whether we are prepared for them or not.

If you answered (e) then check yourself into the nearest psychiatric institute, because you obviously (over)think way too much, and you should be making knee-jerk judgements about who is really at fault, like everyone else. Revenge is mine!

If you haven't guessed i watched South Park last night (geez the newies are quite good!)
the one where Stan and Cartman crash the powerboat into the dam and flood Beaverton.
Satire needs to be stopped before it kills again!

If you have a strong opinion on any issue...
then you probably don't know much about it!
(and/or your a politician/lobbyist/have too much time to brood)

So there is my sermon from the mount for the millisecond, enjoy!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Disjointed Ramblings (of a misplaced wordsmith)

You can't argue with a confident man.

There are no heroes anymore, only men who follow orders.

If I could get my hands on Senator MacCarthy, I'd nationalise his assets.

Get it all out, like a crazy man on a cocktail of stimulants and depressants.

I see your dirty look and raise you a lifetime of contempt for authority.

I believe in scientific-histio-socio-political-spiritual-holisticism. I just can't agree with myself on the methology to use to prove my assumption(s).

Clense your soul by spreading confusing nonsensicalisms! I know i do.

Immorality won't last forever.

Awareness: the key to it all?

It's really all about connecting the overflow with the drought, the excess with the shortage. Equalisation. Anticipating the booms and the busts that naturally occur not only in economics but in all long term time series data/statistics. Well, Okay you can't measure a relationship (for example) on a satisfaction-o-meter, but who can deny the up and down nature of things and how this feels/works/is alot better when the peaks and troughs, highs and lows can be minimised or counter acted against. Am i right people?
What the hell am i on about??

Remember the past (?/!)
Its that stuff that happened yesturday...
a long time ago.

Decay Urban Style (no names or description required?)

See how talented peoples photos look...

Throw Stones at Giants!

In an attempt to up the ratings...

I give you the multi(ple) choice(s) quiz(a rama)thon (izzle) !!!!

Question One:

The 'con' in 'neo-con' is short for?

(A) Conspiracy.
(B) Conservative.
(C) Confidence trickster.
(D) Convict.
(E) All of the above.
(F) I haven't watched the matrix in ages (but he took the wrong pill)

Question Two:

Complete this phrase: "Modern Life is..."

(A) Rubbish.
(B) 99% Crap.
(C) All right once you get used to it.
(D) Could be improved by an apocolypse

Question Three:

Best Epitaph for George W. Bush?

(A) We miss the way you lie.
(B) Forgive him father for he knew not what he did.
(C) Puppet on a string/ Daddy's little boy!
(D) Accidentally started world War III.
(E) Showed that ignorance was no barrier to power!

Question Four:

How pretentious is the creator of this blog

(A) Very
(B) No your being modest really
(C) I bet your trying to compensate for something
(D) Is endanger of disappearing up his own arse
(E) I think Plato said it best when....

Put your answers, suggestions, comments...
anywhere you friggin well like matey!

End of Quiz... (answers will be published circa. 2016)

"All my saints have taken bribes"

I couldn't tell you anything even if I did. It wasn't anything.

I received some spam the other day...
which is not unusual at all (but this one got thru my filters)
anyway, i wouldn't normally open or pay attention to unsolicited emails
but this one said:

"embarrass least wanted mentioned. somewhere allow wrong next parents black,
evening slow news?
companion promised anybody shining.
being why immediate sandwich friends. companion wife is studied why promised. disappoint somewhere slow use?
somewhere end reply purpose somewhere we? thats thus benefit explain disappoint drew."

still I confused am...
the subject was something about software????