Sunday, April 23, 2006

Unfamilar Territory

it is a new way!
whole new deal...
unlike what has been before,
not similar or related to:
past experiences/desires.
not comparable/
you won't be able to describe/categorise;
you might have fear/cynacism/greed
or improvise accordingly!
unlike what you have had before,
it has all changed...
what was here, has gone
your stuff has been moved!
change is everywhere...
adjustment may be required,
you may be required to change:
how you think/act/feel.
more like others than yourself?
unlike what you were told as a kid!
destroying your (mis)conceptions...
contradicting what your thought was real.
cognitive he@dfu(k/
distorted perception,
illusion of stability....
why did we not realise?
who told us we'd get what we wanted?
-> good would overcome evil?
--> those we loved would survive?
---> respect was worth something to strangers?
----> truth is undisputed?
(some b@st@rds)

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