Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This does not mean a thing (i promise) ~Sigmund

Any real intro to myself would have to include these phrases: 'likes to say things that you won't enjoy, but may come of some comfort later"/"you have to think about momentarily to gain full understanding of...",
"likes to be ironic and/or sarcastic when interacting with other humans"/"likes old buildings, artifacts, denials, confessions of a past forgotten/remembered in contempt/nostalgia. e.g. The past will find us out, dude! totally inappropiate time to say: righteous! slogans galore...
Rock on with someone's bad self, shared hate is common love. Mother-sheizing fruit hole a rama achoo bang bang on a mat up here.
What am I? Procrastination station. If this keeps up i'll have so many/much more nothing(s)! Then we'll spoil the victors and dig up the vanquished! Spray out opinions till nobody listens! Who has won now? Not an attempt to assert moral superiority over other psudo-intellectuals. A message does not have to be hidden to be sumbiminal...

Just came out really
you tell me what it means Please

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Anonymous said...

your the funniest man in the world!!!