Saturday, April 29, 2006

Alliterate a litter arty Literati (Tongue twisted by tripe?)

“News” Headlines (of the future!):

Secluded Shiite shut-in seduced by stealth symmetry of semantic science system.

Winged walker wanes on wanton wilderness winking at wastage water workers.

Nothing new necessary nature not nearly naming neither notable Neanderthal nutrients on national news nobody needs.

Big business blaming Buddha’s blessings a blanket blow by building bridges beyond barren buzzwords.

Heaving humour humble high handed heathens hold hostage heedlessly heroic hi-jinx.

Folding fun fingered folk-heroes finding foundations fantastically fickle for faulty feats at fancy feasts forever flailing forgetfulness.

Crowds of cynics clean classic church claptrap consistently clinging to clueless conditioning calumniation confidentially.

Missing most mindless minutes of maddening mingling, mutes maiden moon missions to mars movie mishap mockery

Turning terrible times totally to tarnished taletellers torturing terrorist to tame tricky turnout from tribal talk of teen tragedy

Insurgent Iranians in Iraq insist on incrementally instrumental imitation isolation of initiation institutions, indecently immoral and industrial.

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