Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bread for the Birds

Ok just a few links to things...
if you're not looking for that right now,
maybe try another post?
but anyway here are some things to click on:







Exception Reports

when I was a kid
lies were fibs
lunch was pies
farts were fluffs
chips were fries
sounds were tapes
good tv was on late
my heroes weren't fake

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Siege Mentality




All of that.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Suboptimal Lifestyle Practices


Look & feel
Drag & drop
Cut & paste
Stand & deliver
Shop & go
Fish & chips
Cash & carry
Set & forget
Love & leave
Hot & heavy
Name & shame
Off & on
Rise & shine
Wash & wear
Heat & eat
Break & enter
Lift & shift
Tax & spend
Search & destroy
Down & out
Blame & denial
War & peace
Bump & Grind
Crackle & Pop
Serve & Protect
Wither & Die
Rape & pillage


By All Means Necessary

Group Soup Troop

Lymph Node Squad

Wed Croats Society

Low Dependency Unit

Project Support Posse

Forgotten Peoples Party

Sequential Patrol Group

Strategic Justice League

Inherently Unequal System

Unlimited Control Committee

Historical Justification Patrol

Corrupt Forication Organisation

Gullible Population Association 

Unauthorised Maneuver Brigade

Meteorological Catastrophe Club

Legitimate Businessmen's Institute

Who killed 2pac and biggie? Same people that took out Fred Hampton?

Friday, July 04, 2014

You're Favourite Colour Red...

Ok I don't usually like apologies, giving or receiving, but I am quite sorry.
Sorry that the images I'm about to post may have already been posted
by myself on an earlier date... possibly, maybe, probably...
I just hadn't seen them in a while and am a bit too lazy to go back
to make sure that they haven't already been, but who gives a flying fortress?


We'll call it greatest hits or some other excuse to recycle old shizz:

Tell me, who is to blame?

Pretty much all of us.

I get a bit angry about nothing sometimes, well not nothing
but just nothing I can control, like all the injustice in the world
(apologies for sounding extra emo on the line above)

I still can't decide whether there are elite conspiracies to fleece the poor
or if it's just an unfortunate bag-o-shight but no one really planned it.

I'd like to blame god or the people in charge of state and government
but I don't actually think anyone really wanted it to get as bad as it is...

I turn lots of things into games...

I enjoy life a lot more than I make it sound, cos without getting overly narcissistic I do think I am a good person, and I usually don't let myself get bored...

people probably think or assume I am a boring person, but if you can't entertain yourself aren't you the boring one?

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Virtual Clickbait

Gurrrl! Don't treat me like furniture
cos yo curvature
makes me perv at ya!!

They expect you to reject me
until my project to infect you
with logic targeted respect like
through logical progression hype
naturally selected resurrected disaffected
regretting the collection of defects elected

direct your wrecked neck to inspect
the deck to connect perfect content
dissected selectively expressly
to find exceptions connections
connections cause and effect
neglected affections sense
correct descent cents

I don't expect you to accept me
except if you respect me
my concept isn't tempting
define me to extract me
the perfect precept to reflect
connect and reject our defects
all-g spec what da heck