Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas In Cambodia

Advice to anyone wanting to travel that doesn't mind a few pot holes in the road or crazy traffic with no rules: VISIT CAMBODIA NOW!

  • Contains the largest religious building (temple) in the world: Angkor Wat.
  • Was central base of the Khmer Empire, that in it's day was one of the greatest empires in the world. They put much of their labour and energy into building huge temples.
  • People have been put through the absolute shittiest historical circumstances imaginable, but are welcoming, friendly and bend over backwards to make you feel happy!
  • Less tourists and touters than Thailand!
  • Angkor Beer is great!
Thats quite simplified and general but true!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Perfumed Garden

This is a very belated tribute to the Late Great Legend John Peel, inspired by the book by Mick Wall that I have recently demolished while on holiday. Peel of course was a British public broadcasting institution for almost 40 years. Playing heaps of new and experimental music right up until his sudden death in Peru in 2004. He would make a yearly list voted for by his fans called the festive 50, so I have complied my own list...

Top 15 Songs on my MP3 player with song titles related in some way to traveling:

  • In Transit - Albert Hammond Jr.
  • The Passenger - Iggy Pop
  • Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix
  • Journey - Mestar
  • Going Missing - Maximo Park
  • The Ride - Shapeshifter
  • Climatize - Prodigy
  • Station Approach - Elbow
  • Some Cities - Doves
  • How To Disappear Completely - Radiohead
  • Superstation - Bressa Creating Cake
  • We Used to Vacation - Cold War Kids
  • America is not the World - Morrissey
  • You Can't Go Home Again - DJ Shadow
  • As Serious As Your life - Four Tet
It's just something to amuse me really, the intro was you don't think it's a tribute to David Letterman or Hi fidelity, but definately read the Peel book if you get a chance!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Your Own Private NOS Party

There are only really two things that you can be thinking about:
What you are doing right now, or
things that you are not doing right now...

it sounded better when I thought it.

that as that
truth as fact

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Monotone Dialogue Tricycle Quadrant Quintet

Loaded Questions?

The following are multi-choice questions to determine how well you can pick between four alternative answers that may have no definitive 'correct' answer. Enjoy....

If I tend to avoid physical conflict at all costs, am I...?

(A) A coward
(B) A pacifist
(C) Employing a body guard
(D) Lucky to be alive

If I have 'feelings' I am... ?

(A) Sensitive
(B) Conflicted
(C) Letting my guard down
(D) Probably taking things too seriously

If I have an inherent distrust of humans, I am...?

(A) An Alien
(B) A Terrorist
(C) A historian
(D) Observant

If I don't like something I should...?

(A) Complain quietly to myself until i go insane with frustration
(B) Tell people about it in my 'blog' or 'youtube' postings
(C) Co-ordinate non-violent protest actions
(D) Take up arms against the state

Content May Not Offend

All the best...
Get fucked everyone!
(Unless we're mates)

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Worst Title in the History of Blogging...

It fully all happened and if you didn't notice that's cool
'cos you will, and it may happen again in a different form
or in a replicating fashion of sorts...
yeah so sorry if you got lost
but catch up already
we ain't waiting round for long
get with it
based on meaningless data
under the sea?
the individual can do anything that is not prohibited
the state can do only what is authorized
monkey see monkey do
less is more love is blind
stay away
God is gay
burn the flag
your ad here
kiss me I'm shot faced
how can you eat your whatever
when you ain't kissed your somebody
shit on me when you feel like will you mate
well I only wanted to prove a point that wasn't real
sorry if I got distracted by the bigger picture by proxy
sense and meaning are completely and utterly overrated...

reform reform reform

center-left revolt of joy!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Winged Assassins of Justice Fight The Revolutionary Wheel of History

Totally check out Bill Bailey "Part Troll" Live at the Apollo.
Stand up gig with musical accompaniment.
He's the "confused hippie" dude from black books.
It's great, worth a look...

Some quotes from the show:

I'm a vegetarian, I'm not strict. I eat fish. And duck, but they're nearly fish aren't they

The BBC did a survey of the top 50 things to do before we die. Not while we're still alive, before we die.

I lose commitment in a joke, I'll give you an example. Three men go into a bar, one of them is a little bit stupid and the whole scene plays out with a tedious inevitability

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Next Episode

All on for young and old....

The only things that are infinite are the universe
and human stupidity.
But I'm not too sure about the universe.

And there are also:
time, death, taxes, etc...

working to eat? Or eating to work?
making yourself a useful productive tool of the establishment yet?
Oh well I mean consciously of course, as you could hardly help it these days.
A distorted view of history continues to be the basis of our morals.
If we don't get in tune with our surroundings rather than ourselves.
Well I don't know exactly I can only speculate wildly or make something up.
Hopefully creative or worthwhile enough to be preserved for posterity where no one will read it.
Well not for a while, when I've already gone on to the next fad or passing craze
The devine comedy and cosmic drama proceeds unabated?
Now that's just reaching...