Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Rote Therapy, Pink Frost, etc...

"Therapy is an introspective luxury... ...the self-indulgent  examination of one's life supersedes the actual living of said life... (or more a) necessary evil... (like) visiting the denist?"

"Anxiety is really a nervous energy that we all have. It serves various purposes, such as helping us to be careful and not take unnecessary risks, helping to motivate us to achieve things and helping us realise there are things to be confronted and solved. However anxiety can rise to levels that can feel tormenting and debilitating. This becomes intolerable, and a person then often uses avoidance as a way of trying to get rid of the anxiety or fear. This can then lead to a (Sid) vicious cycle that serves to fuel the anxiety and a person becomes demoralised and loses confidence in themselves."

"Depression often develops as a result of being stuck in a relentless cycle of anxiety and avoidance strategies. However, depression also can develop for other reasons such as past unresolved trauma or past or recent losses. Usually, a number of things have built up over time. Anger is often a more visible symptom of underlying stress and anxiety."

"Anxiety can express itself as a relentless worry about a specific thing or a range of things, and such worry can rise to panic at times and it can manifest as phobias and obsessions."

"The more important your partner is to you, the more threatening it is that they see things differently from you."

[ --Copyright Disclaimer: Quotes above taken selectively from an article "Emotional Rescue" from the 14 June issue of the NZ Listener magazine...(except for the parenthesed)-- ] I don't always just copy and paste, but when I do...

Dark, deep and dreamy on yo' ass.
^ ---- sarcasm
          ^ ---- self-conscious reaction
                    ^ ---- unhinged afterthought
                              ^ ----  visual simulation of internal disagreement
                                         ^ ---- attempted twattery
                                                   ^ ---- full retard

Hangin By a Thread

It's happening again
that hollow, carved out feeling
helplessness mixed with apathy
trying not to think much
worried where it might lead