Saturday, September 29, 2012

Micro Financing (Punk Is Dead)

Qualitative Easing continued... see earlier posts for context (or don't, what do I care?)

Days 22 through 28... hopefully they aren't getting worse...

D-22  23/09/12
Title: Twenty Two (Intentions)
telescopic sight
twenty two calibre gun
let god be the judge

Day Twenty Three - 24-9-12
Title: Twenty Three (enigma)
what is the time now
twenty three minutes past ten
that clock is broken

24th Day of 100 - 25 Sept
Title: Twenty Four (hour coverage)
constant stimuli
must fill vacuum at all costs
twenty four seven

Day 25 - 26/09/12
title: Twenty Five (The Best Number)
one point two five score
quarter of a century
twenty five times one

Day 26 -27-9-2012
Title: Twenty six (values)
fortnights in a year
alphabet post square pre cube
twenty six red cards

Day 27 - 28th Sept
Title: Twenty Seven (transit)
the Saturn return
Jim Jimi Janis Kurt went
club twenty seven

D a y  2 8  - - 29/09/12
T i t l e : 2 8 ( r h y m e s )
straight late date wait mate
plenty great twenty eight rate
hate fate state debate

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good Show Old Boy

__Another Haiku Dump of Non-Epic Proportions (or so they say...)__

--Days 14 through 21 of 100--

- Day 14 - (15/09/12)
Title: Fourteen (Good Friday)
last days of jesus
fourteen stages of passion
stations of the cross

Day 15 - 16 sept
Title Fifteen (fame spiral)
viral bandwagon
famous on the internet
fifteen minutes of shame

Day 16 :-| 17-9-12
Title: Sixteen (scandals)
legal in some states
sweet sixteen in the summer 
silence is consent

Day 17 - 18.09.2012
Title: Seventeen (going back)
seventeen again
ignorant and innocent
why did I do that

D:18 19-9-12
Title: Eighteen (struggles)
eighteen sixty one
crisis precipitates change
sad distracted year

19th Day - 20th Sept
Title: Nineteen (Scenarioes)
fine nineteen degrees
cloud clearing this afternoon
maybe possibly

Day 20 - 21/Sept/2012
Title: Twenty (predictions)
seeing the future
not twenty twenty hindsight
I wish I could know

([Day Twenty One]) {22/09/12}
Title: Twenty One (responsibilities)
get serious now
twenty one age of the key
access the rat race

...are we going on a journey?
not even half way there yet sorry...
 should we just give up now?
and do what instead?
never mind, carry on...
 push on through man

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Death of Television (Auto-tuned Reprise)

[Day Ten] 11-09-12
Title: Ten (ways to sin)
a rule book for life
specific but out of date
the ten commandments

[day eleven][12 Sept 12]
TITLE: Eleven (Cameos/casinos)
rat pack then brad pitt
stars teaming up for crime spree
oceans eleven

D A Y 1 2 - - 13 - s e p t
title: Twelve (scare tactics)
twelve angry monkeys
killing on a death pannel
that does not exist 

{D.a.y 1.3 - 1.4-0.9-1.2}
Title: Thirteen (Stitches)
unlucky for some
thirteen black cats break mirrors
under a ladder

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pre-existing Conditions

The Saga continues... (for now)

[Day Seven] - 8/9/2012
Title: Seven (Chakras)
days seas notes wonders
the magnificent number 
seven deadly sins

[Day Eight] - 09/09/12
Title: Eight (Ohh eight)
eight bits to a byte
ask Henry the octopus
he counts on his legs

[Day Nine] - 10/09/2012
Title: Nine (Lives of Dante)
what do we do next
your guess is as good as mine
nine spheres of heaven

Friday, September 07, 2012

Jon Stewart For President

[Day 6] - 7th september 2012
Title: Six (Clint Eastwood)
the man with no name
saved towns with a six shooter
now bickers with chairs

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Birds Flying High, You Know How I feel...

Day 5 of 100 haiku(s) continues...
Ok so it is day number five and I seem to be coming up with ideas, they are just tending to be on the darker side. Not necessarily on purpose which is a little bit worrying, or not, depending on your point of view I guess... it's funny adding something new into your routine each day. Usually easy to find a good time, but occasionally not.

06th-September 2012* -Day 5:
Title: Five (Greasy Pieces)

five ways to make eggs
scrambled poached fried hard-boiled smashed
fuck uncle Bully

p.s - Sorry if you don't get it. It's an NZ thing.
p.s.s - Sorry if you are offended by profane language, but I'm not really writing this shit for kids yo.

*Day - Month - Year - should be the agreed format for dates, none of this month then day funny business!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Hyper Transparency

Can the momentum continue?

Here are yesterday's and today's Haiku (is that the plural of itself?)

4th Sept 2012 (Day 3 of 100?):
Title: Three (Why Here?)

how can we help you?
three fingers of whiskey please
this is a church sir


5th Sept 2012 (Day 4):
Title: Four (Jazz Funk Fusion)

post punk folk break step
all genres are pigeon holes
four to the floor mix

wonder how painful/challenging/rewarding this is going to be....

Monday, September 03, 2012

Quartz, Parchment, Shears

100 Day Haiku Adventure
3rd Sept 2012 (Day Two):
Title: Two (together alone)

tranquil seclusion
just two of us forever
Josef Fritzl said

Oh no if I'm resorting to talking about Fritzl on the second day, then how dark will this sequence get? It was just a random idea I got and couldn't reject. Wanted to bring out the dark sinister side of the line "just two of us forever" but might have gone to the extreme. But it happened so there is no point denying it or not thinking he could possibly be one of the worst humans ever, outside of wartime. How did that happen though? And for so many years. FFS

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Patterns Within Patterns

OK so I heard this idea on the radio this morning about doing something over and over again for 100 days. Lot's of other people have done this recently in NZ as part of the "100 day Project". Basically picking some sort of (hopefully enjoyable) creative task or process, and repeat it everyday for one hundred days in a row. So I wanted to pick something that is challenging enough that I will want to do it and stay motivated, but not something that is so difficult that I won't be able to insert it into my daily life or complete on a repetitive basis. Something unrestricted enough to allow 100 days of exploration, but not so general that it will lose all meaning and be given up. Different phases of emotion will be gone through, but the work will have to remain constant. So I could possibly draw something, take a photo, write something, paint something, make something; possibilities can go on toward infinity...

but I have deciced to write a Haiku a day for 100 days, titled 'One' to 'One Hundred'. Hopefully, that is if I can complete it! The only restriction being that each day's haiku will be titled by the number of that day and it has to use the number of that day somewhere in it.

Ok so without futher adieu, this shall be day one's attempt:

2nd Sept 2012 (Day One):
Title: One (Pole position)

alone by itself
is the loneliest number
single, hole in one

let's see if I can stick with this... doesn't mean I am going to put them up on here daily, just means I will write one each day, but eventually they will go on here for annoyance, posterity, etc...