Sunday, September 02, 2012

Patterns Within Patterns

OK so I heard this idea on the radio this morning about doing something over and over again for 100 days. Lot's of other people have done this recently in NZ as part of the "100 day Project". Basically picking some sort of (hopefully enjoyable) creative task or process, and repeat it everyday for one hundred days in a row. So I wanted to pick something that is challenging enough that I will want to do it and stay motivated, but not something that is so difficult that I won't be able to insert it into my daily life or complete on a repetitive basis. Something unrestricted enough to allow 100 days of exploration, but not so general that it will lose all meaning and be given up. Different phases of emotion will be gone through, but the work will have to remain constant. So I could possibly draw something, take a photo, write something, paint something, make something; possibilities can go on toward infinity...

but I have deciced to write a Haiku a day for 100 days, titled 'One' to 'One Hundred'. Hopefully, that is if I can complete it! The only restriction being that each day's haiku will be titled by the number of that day and it has to use the number of that day somewhere in it.

Ok so without futher adieu, this shall be day one's attempt:

2nd Sept 2012 (Day One):
Title: One (Pole position)

alone by itself
is the loneliest number
single, hole in one

let's see if I can stick with this... doesn't mean I am going to put them up on here daily, just means I will write one each day, but eventually they will go on here for annoyance, posterity, etc...

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