Saturday, September 29, 2012

Micro Financing (Punk Is Dead)

Qualitative Easing continued... see earlier posts for context (or don't, what do I care?)

Days 22 through 28... hopefully they aren't getting worse...

D-22  23/09/12
Title: Twenty Two (Intentions)
telescopic sight
twenty two calibre gun
let god be the judge

Day Twenty Three - 24-9-12
Title: Twenty Three (enigma)
what is the time now
twenty three minutes past ten
that clock is broken

24th Day of 100 - 25 Sept
Title: Twenty Four (hour coverage)
constant stimuli
must fill vacuum at all costs
twenty four seven

Day 25 - 26/09/12
title: Twenty Five (The Best Number)
one point two five score
quarter of a century
twenty five times one

Day 26 -27-9-2012
Title: Twenty six (values)
fortnights in a year
alphabet post square pre cube
twenty six red cards

Day 27 - 28th Sept
Title: Twenty Seven (transit)
the Saturn return
Jim Jimi Janis Kurt went
club twenty seven

D a y  2 8  - - 29/09/12
T i t l e : 2 8 ( r h y m e s )
straight late date wait mate
plenty great twenty eight rate
hate fate state debate

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