Monday, January 29, 2007

Spin to win!

no time...

I'd rather have a cluttered, complicated even incomplete view of the world... than assume I understand what has happened, what will happen, and to even try to formulate moralistic theories that use past occurrences and 'history' to explain the present. I am highly suspicious of anyone who thinks they can interpret the present through the past. History is so vast and varied that any examples can be picked to back up your conclusions which you have obviously formed then attempted to find 'evidence' to back it up. Case studies from the bible are about as scientific as dreams I have about strange towns that never existed. So there!

More specific rant:
And if you purport to call yourself "probably New Zealand’s best known political historian" you’re a bit high on your own publicity machine, especially if your obviously pushing some kind of right wing agenda... You might find some of the lesser known “political historians” attacking your bigoted attitudes

Interpreting facts to suit your own conclusion… or in your case fabricating them all together…

Back to Orewa? You might find yourself washed up on a beach somewhere!

Or are we just ungrateful brats, who should accept that greed is good?
Who should be dancing in the streets around statues of Roger Douglas! I mean old people and minorities are a drain on the economy!

DomPost doesn't want you, luckily 'the Press' has plenty of middle class white male readers for you to infect your fear and prejudice with... ohhh sorry I forgot your an 'objective columist'

Rant complete.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Superman Joke...

It was recently requested that I add this joke to this blog…

Super man was flying along one day, looking down on the distant world below. Then with his super sight he saw ‘Wonder woman’ lying naked on her balcony, apparently sleeping. Superman thought: ‘I am super fast… I could go down there, and be in and out before she even notices…’ A battle of conscience began within the man of steel, until finally his desires got the better of him. Faster than a speeding bullet he flew down, did the deed and was off again before wonder woman knew what had happened. She said “Woooah… did you feel a strong breeze then? And the invisible man said: “I don’t know what it was but it really hurt my arse”

End of joke.

Personal Best

The stuff the others won't tell you:

life is going a bit too fast (but not that twisted) at the moment...
but unfortunately have found time to add my two cents!

Did you ever read ‘Mad’ magazine when you were younger (or now)? There would usually be an introduction to each piece of writing which set-up the basic joke and left it open for a range of punch lines. This bit here is my tribute to those bits and also serves as a cheesy way to set up my own lame humour piece. So without further delay I present a piece entitled “You know you’re shallow if you…”


think 2003 is ancient history.

…think climate change is a passing fad.

…believe what you read in tabloids.

support radical free market ideology.

…have ever said: ‘that’s so hot right now’ (and you weren’t being ironic)

…don’t really care what the error was, but you’d like it fixed.

…make up your mind who to vote for on election day.

…believe what you read in the newspapers.

…want to criticise anything that I say.

think money doesn’t influence politics.

think Caesar was a salad maker.

… are really worried about celebrity couples relationships.

think society is equal.

...are Paris Hilton.

…believe what you see on the news.

…think this is funny.

That is all.

In politics it’s not the best man or the best policies that win… it’s the best campaign!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Shameless Self-Promotion

I have some stuff I want to put here, but lack necessary time to complete this....
Hopefully some quickly added photos will satisfy in the meantime...
Though they never have before....

Here's my comment for the day...
It's not evil to swear, it's not necessarily evil to think about harming someone. Its whether you go through with your thoughts that makes them evil... Well in my proverb book anyway. Its not black and white, there's a lot of grey. So what use is it teaching your offspring hard and fast rules and imperitives, that only suit a specific situation. Why teach people to bottle it all up and then release all their anger in a violent fit of rage? The worlds changing, will your moral compass survive?

when life is busy the blog suffers...

Out with the old


It costs an arm and a leg too...

Wasn't everything a pagan ritual/ceremeony?

Just wanted to put this in from last year's festive season....
only three hundred and friggin something days till...
...we bleed you dry again!

Bigamy at Christmas, what am to do?
Spend it with the family, I can't I have two!