Monday, January 29, 2007

Spin to win!

no time...

I'd rather have a cluttered, complicated even incomplete view of the world... than assume I understand what has happened, what will happen, and to even try to formulate moralistic theories that use past occurrences and 'history' to explain the present. I am highly suspicious of anyone who thinks they can interpret the present through the past. History is so vast and varied that any examples can be picked to back up your conclusions which you have obviously formed then attempted to find 'evidence' to back it up. Case studies from the bible are about as scientific as dreams I have about strange towns that never existed. So there!

More specific rant:
And if you purport to call yourself "probably New Zealand’s best known political historian" you’re a bit high on your own publicity machine, especially if your obviously pushing some kind of right wing agenda... You might find some of the lesser known “political historians” attacking your bigoted attitudes

Interpreting facts to suit your own conclusion… or in your case fabricating them all together…

Back to Orewa? You might find yourself washed up on a beach somewhere!

Or are we just ungrateful brats, who should accept that greed is good?
Who should be dancing in the streets around statues of Roger Douglas! I mean old people and minorities are a drain on the economy!

DomPost doesn't want you, luckily 'the Press' has plenty of middle class white male readers for you to infect your fear and prejudice with... ohhh sorry I forgot your an 'objective columist'

Rant complete.

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Yossarian said...

I just saw this ... relatively
late and laughed my arse/ass off/on...

But do all major corporations suck or just the huge mega-conglomo-shiezer-hoffenish giant sized ones?
When was the last time you had a day when you didnt see a brand name? Probably some day hungover in bed with no stimuli or some where way out in the wilderness beyond the cities... where theres no cars no billboards... no subliminal marketing... product placement... no advertisment breaks... no market trends... where we can be free!!!?!