Monday, January 22, 2007

Personal Best

The stuff the others won't tell you:

life is going a bit too fast (but not that twisted) at the moment...
but unfortunately have found time to add my two cents!

Did you ever read ‘Mad’ magazine when you were younger (or now)? There would usually be an introduction to each piece of writing which set-up the basic joke and left it open for a range of punch lines. This bit here is my tribute to those bits and also serves as a cheesy way to set up my own lame humour piece. So without further delay I present a piece entitled “You know you’re shallow if you…”


think 2003 is ancient history.

…think climate change is a passing fad.

…believe what you read in tabloids.

support radical free market ideology.

…have ever said: ‘that’s so hot right now’ (and you weren’t being ironic)

…don’t really care what the error was, but you’d like it fixed.

…make up your mind who to vote for on election day.

…believe what you read in the newspapers.

…want to criticise anything that I say.

think money doesn’t influence politics.

think Caesar was a salad maker.

… are really worried about celebrity couples relationships.

think society is equal.

...are Paris Hilton.

…believe what you see on the news.

…think this is funny.

That is all.

In politics it’s not the best man or the best policies that win… it’s the best campaign!

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