Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spoiler Warning!

Where am I when I'm not here?

I must admit that I haven't been keeping up my end of the bargain lately. The deal is I write obnoxious phrases and witty observations about things going on in my head, and you read/ignore it... But I have not been fulfilling my part of this codependent relationship in the past few months. I just wanted you to know I am aware of this situation and will be putting systems in place to prevent these sorts of breaches of conduct occurring in future. Well that works when you tell your boss, so should buy me a bit of time.

All bollocks aside though, I was spending heaps of time adding stuff to the "Twisted by Life" myspace page, which although I have created for this blog, is unofficial and anything said on there is a filthy lie. But seriously folks, it took me like an hour to put in the movies I like and other silly crap like that, that stuff sucks away time like some kind of chronological vacuum cleaner. But that's not all, my myspace craze then morphed into a animation obsession, so just to show you what has been stealing my time lately, here are some examples...

Mucking around with fruit...

Bottle Opener Blues ...and again

Red Chair Revolution

Esturary Madness

Tabletop sitter

Also tiny ones for people with good eyesight:

The roller dealer...

Peeps are p*ssed...

Grand Alliance

Okay the first one is the only one I really like, the other ones are more like experiments, but if I'm putting one here I might as well put a few more... Bear in mind this has slowed down my progress in reading my book (slowly progressing through the Dice Man), watching movies*, listening to muzac, drawing pictures, showing affection to others and blogging in general.

*more like rewatching the entire Sopranos back catalogue

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Indemnity waver

" Half man/Half Bastard"

half left, half right
half day, half night

half scarce, half plenty
half full, half empty

half vacant, half glee
half you, half me

half raw, half hatred
half cooked, half naked

half gene, half making
half lean, half bacon

half grand, half lady
half man, half gravy

half true, half lies*
half glue, half fries

half glam, half neighbour
half spam, half saviour

half loose, half tight
half scare, half fright

half dagger , half talk
half swagger, half walk

*Warning: Measurements may vary, not to actual size, ratios may differ to those advertised...

Obsess on your own time!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Format dictates content

Collection of contradiction:
random sampling of quotes (mostly not from me...)
Medium is the message

Mere myth, then man.

6 million ways to die, choose one...

I'm unsure of who I am and what I'm doing.

Buearacracy has a fetish for processes.

Your plastic.

I miss my nana.

Carry a tune in your head!

The world has cheated karma and must be audited.

There was going to be more here,
but it took too long,
they will pop up later,
when I start making sense.

Don't read between
I told you not too!!
the lines.

Remove your own name (if it shows)

Playing around with words like they meant something...

'no one cares if you don't...'

Sentimental glory
momentous expectation
huge significance
vague hope
long story
great journey
mystery unsolved
untapped misery
longest morning
powerful hindsight

Notes from inside...

'Black tea Sunrise...'

Regressive society
Aggressive surroundings
information overload
Successive ignorance
Excessive reactions
cultural stagnation

Bit of brutality in the woods. Nation of violent drinkers? taught from a young age? example followed. Always someone to blame. Ignorance. Bravado. Anger. Revenge. Hate. Kill. Death. Everything breaks down to smaller particles... and came from somewhere.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Editors Note (not meant to entertain)


I may not put as many photos on here as I have previously...
Just ones that I really like, marginally respect or begrudgingly acknowledge. The main point is that I now have other places to store photos, so instead of putting photos in my posts I can just put links to them. Anyway this does not really matter. There are a few pics located on my my myspace space space. So will probably just use this space to talk crap, pester you with ideas that go nowhere, and generally continue to exist in the fashion I have become accustomed to.


Ever heard of a BBC comedy series called 'Absolute Power"?
If you haven't heard of it, it stars Stephen Fry and is a comedy.
It's about the honest and realistic world of PR, worth a look!
Spin is dead, long live PR...