Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spoiler Warning!

Where am I when I'm not here?

I must admit that I haven't been keeping up my end of the bargain lately. The deal is I write obnoxious phrases and witty observations about things going on in my head, and you read/ignore it... But I have not been fulfilling my part of this codependent relationship in the past few months. I just wanted you to know I am aware of this situation and will be putting systems in place to prevent these sorts of breaches of conduct occurring in future. Well that works when you tell your boss, so should buy me a bit of time.

All bollocks aside though, I was spending heaps of time adding stuff to the "Twisted by Life" myspace page, which although I have created for this blog, is unofficial and anything said on there is a filthy lie. But seriously folks, it took me like an hour to put in the movies I like and other silly crap like that, that stuff sucks away time like some kind of chronological vacuum cleaner. But that's not all, my myspace craze then morphed into a animation obsession, so just to show you what has been stealing my time lately, here are some examples...

Mucking around with fruit...

Bottle Opener Blues ...and again

Red Chair Revolution

Esturary Madness

Tabletop sitter

Also tiny ones for people with good eyesight:

The roller dealer...

Peeps are p*ssed...

Grand Alliance

Okay the first one is the only one I really like, the other ones are more like experiments, but if I'm putting one here I might as well put a few more... Bear in mind this has slowed down my progress in reading my book (slowly progressing through the Dice Man), watching movies*, listening to muzac, drawing pictures, showing affection to others and blogging in general.

*more like rewatching the entire Sopranos back catalogue

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