Thursday, January 26, 2006

I really love all the creatures on this earth!

Whats happened so far?
In case you have just walked in and missed the preceeding events...
Well depending on who you believe... the whole place was either created in seven days or there was a big bang. Either way the whole creation of the universe thing has upset a few people!

Bitterly Twisted

Fine dont ever write any comment then, not in a long time
didn't really want you to anyway, not at all
I'll just let the content slip to compensate
I'd rather not have any feedback
don't contribute, at all
thats just fine
really it is
just is

You Bastard s

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Unaffected by disturbance

relieve by means avaliable

Monday, January 09, 2006

Proof of Life

For this to exist (it doesn’t really, only in cyberspace), for you to be reading this, glancing at it, or even ignoring it, proves that at one point in eternity; I thought (then wrote, then typed…) this! Then somehow got it on this damn network of interconnectivity we all love so much, these days. So unless someone or some group can destroy the internet (not sure if that’s possible and I highly doubt it but), this could go on representing me and what I was presently thinking at this current moment in time, which you may never know… Yet you have proven I exist(ed).
I am/was here!!!
Or had my existence faked by a whimsical deity, determined to confuse already highly confused beings…
So maybe it doesn’t prove much at all?

Throughout Time.

Throughout history there have been brave people prepared to stand up (and be counted). To fight for their rights against the system (whatever that may be), not only to advance their cause but to help all those who proceed them!
…and behind those figures there has always been someone else who sees their struggle, and then callously cashes in, betraying the revolution for their own gain!

Think of examples for yourself!

Modus operandi

Mission statement:

I’m going to spray out opinions, co-opt opinions and generally regurgitate any idea that shapes my thoughts even for a moment. So its not up to me to distinguish between, original and derivative, its up to you!
Then we’ll see who wins this mother shafting war!! Me or the universe/time/nature/humanity… My money is on my opponent. But I have the advantage of being the underdog, even though some people have been talking down my enemy. One thing is certain: I’m not going down without a fight (or coming out alive!)

There comes a time when you must choose; either to produce or destroy. I have decided to put off that choice for a certain amount of time… I still can’t decide which I prefer.

So get Lost F*cko! Till you get a brain!
(if that offends you, it was meant to insult someone with a backbone!)

Time to get fanatical!

Collective Clutter
(Extra trivia: Can you spot the movie the war quotes were from?)


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

In the basement, mixing up the medicine...

Time to get historical/politcial on your arse...
Saw a moving-picture-film-movie-documentary-thingy the other day...
Big whoop, wanna fight about it?
Actually I saw a few (well many) of these film things over the end of year/start of year fiasco... One of which was the family guy movie (Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story), many bad taste/off colour/too close to home/too soon/hand biting/etc... jokes, I love it! Slaughter all the sacred cows! Make people think!
Another film I watched was called "The Weather Underground" about a militant Student splinter group that developed out of the radical anti-war/civil rights movement of the late sixties. They were originally part of the "Students for Democratic Society", but split off as they believed; non-violence was not having the desired results. Leaders like Dr. King, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, were getting wiped out, protests were being violently crushed. With all of the international turmoil and revolution, it appeared to them that a revolution was coming, and that white America was going to have to choose sides. They chose the side of the oppressed, believing in solidarity among the third world, minority groups and those America was attacking in South-East Asia. So they resorted to guns and bombs. Now they were basically terrorist's, but not in the post-911 stereotype that we are familiar with (perceived to be foreign and crazy. They were a virus within, the ghost in the machine. They intended to bring the war home to US soil....
Looking back through the turbulent history of the US from the origins of the cold war right up to the present, I am able to sympathise with the problems of the biggest kid in the sandpit. The build up of fear and continual expansion of the Imperial Empire of Pax Americana, has taken its toll on the nations psyche. With the Vietnam War dragging the whole nation into a bitter dispute (almost civil war), the arguments of the time still remain. The battle lines drawn between: blind patriotism ("my country right or wrong") and self- hatred ("Days of Rage").
I personally don’t begrudge America its prosperity. I just wish it could watch where it steps… some of the people squashed take offence.
( …and if your going to “spread freedom” make sure you keep protecting the freedom you have at home.)

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