Wednesday, January 04, 2006

In the basement, mixing up the medicine...

Time to get historical/politcial on your arse...
Saw a moving-picture-film-movie-documentary-thingy the other day...
Big whoop, wanna fight about it?
Actually I saw a few (well many) of these film things over the end of year/start of year fiasco... One of which was the family guy movie (Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story), many bad taste/off colour/too close to home/too soon/hand biting/etc... jokes, I love it! Slaughter all the sacred cows! Make people think!
Another film I watched was called "The Weather Underground" about a militant Student splinter group that developed out of the radical anti-war/civil rights movement of the late sixties. They were originally part of the "Students for Democratic Society", but split off as they believed; non-violence was not having the desired results. Leaders like Dr. King, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, were getting wiped out, protests were being violently crushed. With all of the international turmoil and revolution, it appeared to them that a revolution was coming, and that white America was going to have to choose sides. They chose the side of the oppressed, believing in solidarity among the third world, minority groups and those America was attacking in South-East Asia. So they resorted to guns and bombs. Now they were basically terrorist's, but not in the post-911 stereotype that we are familiar with (perceived to be foreign and crazy. They were a virus within, the ghost in the machine. They intended to bring the war home to US soil....
Looking back through the turbulent history of the US from the origins of the cold war right up to the present, I am able to sympathise with the problems of the biggest kid in the sandpit. The build up of fear and continual expansion of the Imperial Empire of Pax Americana, has taken its toll on the nations psyche. With the Vietnam War dragging the whole nation into a bitter dispute (almost civil war), the arguments of the time still remain. The battle lines drawn between: blind patriotism ("my country right or wrong") and self- hatred ("Days of Rage").
I personally don’t begrudge America its prosperity. I just wish it could watch where it steps… some of the people squashed take offence.
( …and if your going to “spread freedom” make sure you keep protecting the freedom you have at home.)

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