Monday, January 09, 2006

Modus operandi

Mission statement:

I’m going to spray out opinions, co-opt opinions and generally regurgitate any idea that shapes my thoughts even for a moment. So its not up to me to distinguish between, original and derivative, its up to you!
Then we’ll see who wins this mother shafting war!! Me or the universe/time/nature/humanity… My money is on my opponent. But I have the advantage of being the underdog, even though some people have been talking down my enemy. One thing is certain: I’m not going down without a fight (or coming out alive!)

There comes a time when you must choose; either to produce or destroy. I have decided to put off that choice for a certain amount of time… I still can’t decide which I prefer.

So get Lost F*cko! Till you get a brain!
(if that offends you, it was meant to insult someone with a backbone!)

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