Sunday, April 02, 2006

Disjointed Ramblings (of a misplaced wordsmith)

You can't argue with a confident man.

There are no heroes anymore, only men who follow orders.

If I could get my hands on Senator MacCarthy, I'd nationalise his assets.

Get it all out, like a crazy man on a cocktail of stimulants and depressants.

I see your dirty look and raise you a lifetime of contempt for authority.

I believe in scientific-histio-socio-political-spiritual-holisticism. I just can't agree with myself on the methology to use to prove my assumption(s).

Clense your soul by spreading confusing nonsensicalisms! I know i do.

Immorality won't last forever.

Awareness: the key to it all?

It's really all about connecting the overflow with the drought, the excess with the shortage. Equalisation. Anticipating the booms and the busts that naturally occur not only in economics but in all long term time series data/statistics. Well, Okay you can't measure a relationship (for example) on a satisfaction-o-meter, but who can deny the up and down nature of things and how this feels/works/is alot better when the peaks and troughs, highs and lows can be minimised or counter acted against. Am i right people?
What the hell am i on about??

Remember the past (?/!)
Its that stuff that happened yesturday...
a long time ago.


Poll said...

Hello !

I like very much your blog !


Anonymous said...

could be a bit sexier tho ;)