Sunday, April 02, 2006

Throw Stones at Giants!

In an attempt to up the ratings...

I give you the multi(ple) choice(s) quiz(a rama)thon (izzle) !!!!

Question One:

The 'con' in 'neo-con' is short for?

(A) Conspiracy.
(B) Conservative.
(C) Confidence trickster.
(D) Convict.
(E) All of the above.
(F) I haven't watched the matrix in ages (but he took the wrong pill)

Question Two:

Complete this phrase: "Modern Life is..."

(A) Rubbish.
(B) 99% Crap.
(C) All right once you get used to it.
(D) Could be improved by an apocolypse

Question Three:

Best Epitaph for George W. Bush?

(A) We miss the way you lie.
(B) Forgive him father for he knew not what he did.
(C) Puppet on a string/ Daddy's little boy!
(D) Accidentally started world War III.
(E) Showed that ignorance was no barrier to power!

Question Four:

How pretentious is the creator of this blog

(A) Very
(B) No your being modest really
(C) I bet your trying to compensate for something
(D) Is endanger of disappearing up his own arse
(E) I think Plato said it best when....

Put your answers, suggestions, comments...
anywhere you friggin well like matey!

End of Quiz... (answers will be published circa. 2016)

"All my saints have taken bribes"

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