Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cutetiful/National Trust

Stuff that is of extreme Importance/Does not matter: (click)

Things to look out for/take photos of...
when travelling by road through small NZ towns:
(if marginally bored or precocious)

  • Four Square stores (see above)
  • War memorials
  • Fonterror signs
  • Rural Graffitti
  • Urban decay
  • Old Train stations
  • Welcome signs
  • Kiwanis/Lions/Rotary Club logos* (pictured below)
  • Quirky monuments e.g Giant Kiwifruit
  • Misc. remnants of the past e.g old wharves.

Ideas I had for photo books that would no longer work:
*usually located on the welcome sign


Anonymous said...

Fonterror... a leading multinational terror company, owned by 13000 New Zealand dairy farmers and the world's largest exporter of terror products.

Tim said...

Shut up Anonymous, go back to hacking Sony or something.

Always wondered what MED meant! (and precocious ;-))