Monday, July 09, 2007

Small Cog in a Big Machine

If this is all just a big waste of time then it's not really a waste because time isn't really anything except numbers on the clock. Unless you believe that time is money, well then I'm afraid I may owe a bit, but tv owes me more. If music was being played during this time and was enjoyed then you can't call that a waste. Struggling now or just finding excuses. Never knowing if the best has been or is yet to come. Internally and externally, beyond and upward. Who will decide what was best to think about. It's funny how we can't always predict what is coming up next.

Occupational Overuse Syndrome

Repetitive Stress Disorder

All or nothing.
All or Nothing.
All Or NOthing.
All or no thing.
All or nothing much.
all or not very much.
All or some.
All or a fractional amount.
All or a little bit.
All and a little bit.
All and a little bit more.
All plus one.
Double plus All.
All with cheese.
All bar one.
All you can eat.
All you can borrow.
All or many.
All on hire purchase.
All with only a few strings attached.
All or a brand new Car!
All or significant armies approaching from the Eastern front.
All in all
All for now.
All for you
All or poverty.
All or social detachment.
All or back to the basement.
All sentiment and no action.
All or historical inaccuracies.
All or the time you did that thing.
All except a higher power.
All times infinity.
All nothing.
All over.
All True.

Stop trying to find the meanings and you might enjoy it!
Or vice versa?
But don't take my word for it....
Listen to our satisfied customers people just like yourself who have benefited from the wonderous advantages gained by believing in the promise's of others who have acheived through direct consumer marketing.. er... whoops wrong website...

Working Class Zero

This blog may have appeared to have been a little socialist in the last post, well if the shoe fits? Anyway from Lenin to Lennon I want to go back to my earlier discussions about The Beatles and their differing levels of talent. Not only in an effort to stir up opinions. I would go as far as saying that the Liverpool four-piece had two of the most talented musicians of all time and also coincidentally two of the luckiest...

Who can guess who is who?

Votes and feedback can be tied to a brick and thrown through my front window!

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Watch out for:

Editors & Collapsing Cities gig... August 7th... The Studio, Auckland....

Simpson's Movie... not long to go... where will the 'real Springfield' be?

Brief Band Bio: Collapsing Cities


Steve Mathieson (vocals/guitars)
James Brennan (guitar)
Stephen Parry (bass/keys)
Tim van Dammen (drums)

I pinched this description off some other site, but it does the trick:

Formed in 2006, Collapsing Cities has become one of New Zealand’s premiere Dance Rock Bands. Their blend of dance and rock has struck a chord with audiences around the country. Singles 'Elixir Always' and 'No Plans' off their self titled EP released in February 2007, have lingered in various Bnet radio top tens listings for months. Their new album is being mixed and is due for a July 2007 release

...written in PR-speak but I agree with the general sentiment.

Commodity fetishism

The Curse:

Please indulge my bleeding heart and excuse my irrelevance as I lament a general loss of craftsmanship, in a world where increasingly the victims are seen as the cause (of misery, poverty, confusion, etc.) and not the symptom...

The Synthetic Age:

In modern times we have managed to replicate many aspects of the past, except for the quality. I know what your going to say "Go live on a farm and stop using your computer then if repetition, ease and efficiency are such burdens. By the way you using a computer to write this.. and so forth." Well I said it anyway! People used to make those by hand you know! "Yeah sure grandpa!" Ok so I want the advantages of technology without the resulting negative byproducts. Doesn't everyone want their cake and everybody else's?

How to be ignored in popular discourse:

If the oppressed masses of the world were to unite or gain a class consciousness, present power structures would be meaningless as they are based almost solely on an unequal distribution of wealth and not, as we are sometimes informed, based on natural talents and abilities. If you really believe that vast wealth can be accumulated via 'hard work' or 'risk-taking' then shouldn't all inheritance be outlawed as it discourages people from doing both of those things. It only encourages people to vehemently defend so-called 'property rights' and strongly resist any attempts to redistribute wealth... (I'm not saying that your gonna get far by sitting on your arse, unless your dad was head of the CIA...)

By the way I am aware that almost all attempts at revolution are abused and exploited by those that eventually gain power, but this time it's different god damn it!!!

The interaction of politics and economics should be something we all have an opinion on, however much money we have or don't have.

The illusion of choice:

“The United States has only one party - the property party. It’s the party of big corporations, the party of money. It has two right wings; one is Democrat and the other is Republican.”
-Gore Vidal

(Ok so that quote focuses on America but it is relevant to almost all modern societies...)

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything.”
Joseph Stalin (e.g Florida 2000)