Monday, July 09, 2007

Occupational Overuse Syndrome

Repetitive Stress Disorder

All or nothing.
All or Nothing.
All Or NOthing.
All or no thing.
All or nothing much.
all or not very much.
All or some.
All or a fractional amount.
All or a little bit.
All and a little bit.
All and a little bit more.
All plus one.
Double plus All.
All with cheese.
All bar one.
All you can eat.
All you can borrow.
All or many.
All on hire purchase.
All with only a few strings attached.
All or a brand new Car!
All or significant armies approaching from the Eastern front.
All in all
All for now.
All for you
All or poverty.
All or social detachment.
All or back to the basement.
All sentiment and no action.
All or historical inaccuracies.
All or the time you did that thing.
All except a higher power.
All times infinity.
All nothing.
All over.
All True.

Stop trying to find the meanings and you might enjoy it!
Or vice versa?
But don't take my word for it....
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