Monday, July 09, 2007

Working Class Zero

This blog may have appeared to have been a little socialist in the last post, well if the shoe fits? Anyway from Lenin to Lennon I want to go back to my earlier discussions about The Beatles and their differing levels of talent. Not only in an effort to stir up opinions. I would go as far as saying that the Liverpool four-piece had two of the most talented musicians of all time and also coincidentally two of the luckiest...

Who can guess who is who?

Votes and feedback can be tied to a brick and thrown through my front window!

--Non-related Items---
Watch out for:

Editors & Collapsing Cities gig... August 7th... The Studio, Auckland....

Simpson's Movie... not long to go... where will the 'real Springfield' be?

Brief Band Bio: Collapsing Cities


Steve Mathieson (vocals/guitars)
James Brennan (guitar)
Stephen Parry (bass/keys)
Tim van Dammen (drums)

I pinched this description off some other site, but it does the trick:

Formed in 2006, Collapsing Cities has become one of New Zealand’s premiere Dance Rock Bands. Their blend of dance and rock has struck a chord with audiences around the country. Singles 'Elixir Always' and 'No Plans' off their self titled EP released in February 2007, have lingered in various Bnet radio top tens listings for months. Their new album is being mixed and is due for a July 2007 release

...written in PR-speak but I agree with the general sentiment.

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